Comedians and their hate speech

It is now the rule that we must hate our leaders. Why is this?

There’s a pattern, too. The more terms that a Prime Minister has, the more we are supposed to hate them. It doesn’t even matter that they are female, they have to be hated with a passion and cruelty that would not be tolerated in anybody else’s life, and would probably result in anti-social behaviour orders or prosecution were it directed at a neighbour.

Prime Ministers rarely get away with even just one term (5 years) without hatred. But the hatred becomes almost to the point that the haters are running around on the streets with pitchforks, should a Prime Minister dare to serve two, or even more, terms.

In the past, when a Prime Minister hasn’t served a full term, they can get away with relinquishing their office with a bit of public tolerance, or even a bit of affection.

It doesn’t matter which side of the political divide they come from, they all end up being hated.

Look at how they hated Margaret Thatcher, or Tony Blair, or David Cameron. No doubt when Theresa May’s time to step down arrives, the bile against her will being spewing out at high speed.

This is a particularly horrible facet of the consuming classes, and is encouraged by, of all people, the ‘comedians’. Yes, ‘comedians’.

Back in the olden days, comedians on the TV, and I’m thinking of the class of Morecambe and Wise, made observational harmless fun of things. The stand-ups were maybe, with hindsight, a little politically incorrect, and, well, by modern standards, a bit racist and sexist. Well, a lot racist and sexist. However, the ‘victims’ were generalised, not specific named individuals. Just ‘the wife’ ‘the mother-in-law’ ‘this Irishman, Scotsman and Englishman’.

boylef.jpgThen along came the left leaning ‘comedians’. They’re the ones we are stuck with and haven’t been able to get rid of for decades. They always have specific named victims to be cruel and spout hate speech about.

When they first started they would get their laughs by just saying things like ‘Margaret Thatcher’, and their stoned audiences would roll around the floor with laughter. “Here’s a picture of a cow,” they’d excitedly say before holding up a picture of … Margaret Thatcher. This hate speech carries on today, but with others focused on as victims for cruel and usually unjust ridicule. TV panel game-shows with these now millionaire socialist ‘comedians’ dominating them will constantly and relentlessly drip feed the audience with this targeted victim-based ‘humour’. On social media the same ‘comedians’ will be even more cruel, abusive and direct about how they feel about their victims. And of course, their followers will mimic them.

Where relentless ‘mother-in-law’ jokes once lived, targeted victim jokes now inhabit. Nobody seems to think that this is wrong or in any way cruel. Yep, today, people in the public eye, especially those in political office, can be the victims of ‘comedian’ hate speech without any recourse. They are fair game, apparently.

Maybe this is also a contributing factor to the bigger picture of the unconditional hatred of anybody occupying public office, especially in the role of Prime Minister.

Blame the ‘comedians’ and their hate speech. They are making you hate people, especially Prime Ministers.