The prejudices of leftie comedians

Ariane Sherine is a leftie comedian, writer, and funny lady (And, to be fair, she’s also been heart-wrenchingly sad). She first came onto my radar when she was brilliantly the architect of the Atheist Bus campaign. That was when the probability that a god doesn’t exist was postulated on the side of some London buses. Indeed, a variation of said bus slogan graces the masthead of this fine communication device, England’s England.

It is a shame that we only have leftie comedians now. There was a time when we could enjoy rightie comedians and leftie comedians. The politically correct brigade carefully and systematically made it impossible to be a rightie comedian without being shouted down as some kind of bigot. The bigotry of the left, however, was allowed to flourish, making a notable takeover with the Ben Elton era of stand-up. It has remained the only allowable humour ever since. I wonder if it was all a ruse to ensure the leftie comedians got more work!

Leftie comedians all tend to share the same take on life. Most of them are unaccepting of any other view than their own, pointing and screaming at anybody with an alternative take on life, and shutting them down with shouty labels. Labels like ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, or loads of other ‘-ists’ are used by the left to shout down anything that doesn’t fit into the boxes of their limited world view of worshiping Jeremy Corbyn, hating anybody with a bit of money, meat eaters, Brexit voters, and anybody not part of their trendy Islington herbal tea set.

wonazeSo, it was very interesting to read Ariane’s pre-conceived, prejudging, wildly inaccurate assumptions, about some people who had ‘dared’ to vote differently to her set. In the Spectator she described actual fear at doing a stand-up gig in Walton-on-the-Naze. She assumed the audience would be a bunch of aggressive racists, considering that the local MP was a member of UKIP and the locals had voted for him.

She assumed so much negativity about these people. It was actually quite awful that she should pre-label this audience in such a way. But, this is what the left do, so much much more than the right do. She speculated that they were all neo-Nazis. How awful. That’s like assuming all Muslims are terrorists.

According to her report, she was warmly received, even though she had performed her rude songs about having Jeremy Corbyn’s babies and, well, sex, plus made race biased jokes about herself and her daughter (which is apparently ok if you are the one making the joke). Apparently this warm reception was a relief for her.

She says, “I’d happily play Walton-on-the-Naze again – UKIP voters or no UKIP voters.” How is this any different to saying, “I’d happily play Tottenham again – black people or no black people”?

It’s not different, it’s the same in reality. Except that the prejudice and hate from the left is allowed, whereas from the right it is not.

Now, I love Ariane and even shed a tear when reading about her bad times some years ago. She, to this day, brings me bits of pleasure when she writes about her brilliant daughter, and she very regular makes me chuckle, so I’m not dissing her wholesale. Just on this one thing. Leftie prejudging and prejudice. Thanks for admitting you did it, but stop it, Ariane, stop doing it, and tell your leftie friends to stop it too!