Finally, they’ve stopped their lies


There are lies.  And there are damn lies.  Look at those lies up there. Damn lies.

How many people seeing the legend ‘Free Cash‘ have put their card in, hopeful that their lives will be changed by the issuing of this ‘free cash‘ that’s advertised on the outside?  It’s so tempting, especially as we rarely get something for nothing these days.  You put your card in and it simply asks how much you want.  £500 seems a good choice!

What it doesn’t tell you is that the cash you get isn’t free.  Indeed, if you take £500, it will deduct £500 from your bank account.

Cheeky cheatin’ feckin’ bastards!

They are not providing the service they advertise.  They should be prosecuted.

On the other hand, here’s what the sign should really be saying:


“FREE to use Cash Machine.”

No disputing the meaning of those words, no nasty surprises with your bank account and disappointment at the lack of free cash.

Why can’t all cash machines be this honest?