Is it time to execute smokers?


Look at this mess!  I just had to walk through this. Why are smokers such dirty bastards?  Is it a mental thing and they can’t help it?

We finally stopped them smoking inside our homes and our places of work.  We finally stopped them killing our children. We finally forced them to take their poisonous cancer sticks outside to stop us having to just breathe in whatever they blow out of their decaying lungs.

But why do they use their remaining days before they die their slow and expensive (for us who have to pay their medical bills) death, to make a mess all the time?

Smokers are usually the same people who think they are above carrying a bag to pick up their dog’s pooh after they let it pooh in the middle of the pavement in order to pass on diseases to the children who slip on it. Actually, it’s usually smokers that have illegal and dangerous aggressive dogs.  And the dogs are usually like that because the smokers hit and shout at them all the time. Bullying is a common trait for smokers.

Smokers unwrap things, like unhealthy fast food, and immediately throw the rubbish straight out of their car window, not even looking to see where it lands.

But when it comes to cigarettes, smokers just leave them lit and drop them without a care as to whether the smouldering away might cause a fire or hurt a child when it blows against their leg.  A few will actually stub them out, true, but all will litter the streets with them.  Why aren’t they taking their litter home?  Why do they think that normal people want to have their pavements covered in their filthy smoker debris?

I’d suggest imposing fines, but most smokers will just laugh and not pay such is their sefishness. Pursuing them is pointless as they are more likely to die from their addiction than have time to pay.

One way of clearing the streets from smokers would be to summarily execute them if the evidence shows they are littering and being a general nuisance.  That would save the fortune they cost us in medical bills. It would save a fortune in having to clear up after them.

Most importantly, it would safeguard our children.