Islam, the religion of war

The Christians have their Bible, the Jews their Torah, and the Muslims have their Koran.

All are books full of far too many words. Far far too many words!

And that’s the big problem.

Each book carries narratives about how people should live, plus stories of who did to what to whom. Unfortunately the record of the somewhat barbaric actions of what are basically extremely childlike desert children bullying each other are also assumed to also be narratives on how to live.

This is why today’s Islam appears to be dominated by nutters on suicide killing quests. Quests that actually make no logical sense when stopped and thought about.

And there are also a majority of those given the Islamic religion by their parents that are logical and peaceful hard-working people.

For these sensible folk there are passages, verses and words in the Koran that give them their moral guidance to do charitable work, to show kindness to neighbours and to be good people. In many ways, a Muslim can find in the Koran far greater guidance on loving their neighbour that there is for Christians in the Bible.

Sadly, because there are so many words in the Koran, those bent on unrest and causing division and death can also find passages, verses and words in the Koran to give what they see as support to their perspective of hatred.

True, the book itself is not to blame, it’s the people who pick strings of words out of the book yet ignore contrary strings of words.  They pick and choose according to their own motives.

So, this is why it is very wrong that the Koran, just as the Torah or the Bible is far too wordy.  The more words there are, the more words there are contradicting each other and the more words there are to pick and choose from, regardless of what it might be the ‘believer’ is saying he ‘believes’.

Unfortunately the Koran was written during an extremely barbaric time, a time when those who then followed the combining religion of Islam were being oppressed and subjected to horrific wars and butchery.  This is why the Koran records much of the barbarism and the battle cries of the time.  It’s very efficient at providing those who are sheep with the hypnotic state needed by those who wish to use them for their own political purposes to cause murder and destruction.

That’s how Islam is the religion of war.