Growing the employees of the future

So, why aren’t we growing the employees of the future?

When the lovely Mrs May has settled in, there’s something I think she should sort out. Well, get one of her minions to sort out.

You see, we are constantly told that we need to import either a) people who will work to do the less attractive jobs that those already here refuse to do, or, b) people with an expertise that those already here do not have.

Examples of the less attractive jobs that those already here refuse to do might be cleaning and labouring. Examples of expertise might be the jobs in the NHS and specialist Medical services.

My issue is why are we hunting overseas for people to do jobs when there are also people here looking for jobs?  It doesn’t make sense.

employeesFirstly, with regard to the lesser skilled jobs, well why aren’t the voluntarily unemployed being shoe-horned into them rather than being allowed to sit around smoking dope and playing Pokemon Go all day on their expensive smartphones? They should be hounded into these jobs, with their luxury universal benefit and free houses being taken away until they start to contribute to society rather than just taking from it.

Secondly, with regard to the skilled work that is available, why aren’t we anticipating the skills we are going to need in 5, 10, 15 years from now and training today’s kids for those careers? When I was a kid, so many of my peers left school and immediately went into a full and comprehensive apprenticeship which included block release to college. This is what is needed today at the very least.

Universities need to be refocused away from meaningless degrees which have no bearing on any real life employment, and leave the student with no life skills. Indeed, anybody opting for these ridiculous subjects deserves to be owing the money they cost. Meanwhile, subjects that provide students with the skills and qualifications that we are crying out for should be ‘free’ and not run up a huge bill for the students. We need them, so let’s make it more attractive for them.

There are far too many pointless degrees. You see, there are plenty of jobs advertised that require a person be at the minimum ‘a graduate’ for no readily apparent reason, especially when the jobs are usually menial like being a ‘runner’, or less skilled than ‘an apprentice’, but ‘person speccing’ for ‘a graduate’ seems to be what so many are doing in order to keep out the ‘prolls’. There’s evidence to support the idea that this discriminates against those who might be more suited to the job but haven’t been able to go to University. And this is why so many Governmental departments are in complete chaos. Well, that and the obscure way they profile ‘competencies’ of course.

But I digress. Somebody needs to be looking at the bigger picture and forecasting the future needs, and then educating and training our existing population accordingly. Only as a very last resort should we be looking overseas for employees.