The selfish factions that hate democracy

There are a number of really annoying selfish factions of our mysterious human race worthy of mention.

To start with, I have learned in life that those that shout the loudest about how they’ll never let me or my company down are going to be the ones who do.

At an interview for the kind of support jobs for which no portfolio is needed, the gobby ones who bring up and go on about the fact that they are trustworthy, never late, rarely go sick, and are extremely conscientious, end up being not trustworthy, late, often off sick and anything but conscientious. At interview as soon as they start protesting how good they are I know not to employ them. This faction of humanity are the liars.

There seems to be a thing inside useless people that makes them do this. It’s like they give themselves away. A bit like those sitting lie detector tests on the Jeremy Kyle show. The more they protest that they’d never cheat, the more you know they’re going to fail the test.

(Dammit. I mentioned my extensive and unhealthy knowledge of the Jeremy Kyle show. But I think I got away with it.)

petulantAnyway, another faction of humanity are the screamers. They are usually also the liar faction. The screamers believe that in order to get something, all they have to do is shout and scream. You know what I mean. They’ll kick off in a supermarket, or more usually, in a Job Centre, when they want to jump the queue or when they are demanding they get their hand-out or their free house and they get it now!

Where we go wrong is that in order to keep the peace, ‘we’ give in to the screamers. We let them jump the queue ahead of those who are quieter. We let them get their own way.

Pretty soon they know that in order to get whatever they want whenever they want all they have to do is make a fuss. The suckers will always give in to them.

The ‘liar’ who bigs himself up. The ‘screamer’ who bullies for what he wants. They exist extensively in the world of politics and political bullying.

These are the ones we have had to endure during the campaign and aftermath from the ‘Brexit’ vote. They follow a similar pattern to the ‘liar’ I first mentioned. The fascist left, especially Momentum (the party within a party that keeps Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour party) which is full of this faction of humanity, were trying to bully the public to vote ‘Remain’. They shouted loudly and bullied and intimidated potential ‘Leave’ voters calling them racists, xenophobic and little Englanders. They know that bullying and name calling is very frightening for the victims. Momentum relies on this tactic.

Momentum love hiding being social media, threatening death and rape on people they disagree with.  They even throw bricks through the windows of anybody daring to challenge Corbyn.

The bullies of the left love labels, that’s why they even label themselves ‘Momentum‘. They have to label everybody. They spew out hate speech at people exercising their democratic right to vote, and tar them with their labels of hate and division in order to try to silence them or denigrate them. They can’t accept that people voting Leave had an alternative political view to theirs, one which was equally as valid, but different. Instead they have to call into question and sneer about the motives. Calling into question and sneering is what they do best.

A lot of the faction doing this are quite frightening. But, they are also from the generation that has no idea how to be offended, to fail, to be turned down, to lose, to be at fault and accept it. A lot of them were brought up in schools full of pro-EU propaganda, as most now are these days.

These are the faction who will build conspiracy theories to surround and explain why they lost the referendum. It won’t be because there were more voting the other way. It’ll be because the vote was rigged. The other side cheated. Anything.

They can’t accept defeat so they will demand the contest is run again and again until they win.

When people finally stand-up to these petulant child types and say ‘NO!’, out come the sulks and more labels of abuse. In the case of the Brexit vote, they will stamp their feet and hold their breath until they go blue in the face and start pointless petitions to overthrow the result.

At no point will they accept that they were on the losing side. At no point will they concede that they were wrong and the future should be as chosen by the winning side.

But it will.