Why did the BBC sack the Met Office?

So, in the UK, the main publicly funded weather predictions come from the Meteorological Office. Their data and their understanding of the data is also shared with the the UK’s publicly funded or ‘state’ broadcaster, the BBC, in order to make weather predictions. And, of course, to pump out the underlying ‘global warming’ fear mongering.

weatherThe Met Office regular makes pronouncements about weather trends as if they were in some way related to the imagined ‘global warming’. If it’s dry for a spell, that’s global warming. If it’s wet for a spell, that’s global warming. A hot summer, that’s global warming, A cold summer, that’s global warming. The ‘global warming’ will be blamed and we’re told by stern voices, we can expect to see plenty more of the wet/dry/hot/cold summer/winters. Obligingly, the next year the complete opposite occurs. Which is a good laugh unless you actually want sensible and credible forecasts.

Anyway, the Met Office, and so therefore the BBC, who rely on the Met Office conclusions, is full of this doom laden sooth-saying about the end of the world via ‘global warming’.

This is, in my less than humble opinion, good enough reason to de-fund them and remove all their useless and multi-billion Pound malfunctioning supercomputers. Actually, the malfunctioning is more to do with the Garbage In Garbage Out principle. The Met Office has decommissioned so many of the monitoring stations around the UK that, rather than rely on true measurements, it has to make algorithms calculate what readings there would be for an area were there a weather monitoring station still there. In the end the resultant ‘now cast’ is so far removed from reality that any ‘forecast’ is next to impossible. But, hey, the global warming we’re-all-gonna-die theme never goes away.

Anyway. A while ago the BBC announced that it would be discontinuing its relationship with the Met Office. It continued that it would be putting out to tender the job of supplying them with ‘the weather’, and the Met Office would be serving its notice and going away.

But how does this work? How and why do you ‘sack’ a supplier before you have a replacement? And considering that the BBC has not said the Met Office did anything wrong, and indeed, since the BBC fully embrace the false ‘global warming’ narrative that the Met Office pushes, how has this happened?

This will certainly knock the income the Met Office enjoys.

But is it fair and sensible of the BBC? What happens if all those tendering to be the new weather people are as shite as the Met Office?