We are ready for and need a war

I think it might be time for a war. Maybe a revolution. Time for unrest and riots leading to death and destruction. But, mainly a full on war.

Whether that war is Briton on Briton, or Briton (are British people still allowed to be called “Britons”?) on a neighbouring country, it’s something that’s definitely brewing. Briton on a far away land doesn’t mean much, we’ve been doing that for years, decades even and it doesn’t mean a lot at home.

In contrast, at home we’ve been slowly getting ready for a fight. A big fight.

Where we were once a reasonably united United Kingdom, the drip drip feed of nationalism and racism have ideologically divided Great Britain. The carefully crafted establishment and media elite (dominated by the divisive left) screaming and pointing at English people and calling them racist for displaying their country’s flag or wanting Englishness to be something to wear with pride, whilst at exactly the same time encouraging Scottish and Welsh to bask in their national pride to the point where they want shot of the ‘United’ kingdom, is how we are being turned against each other.

soldiersAnti-English racism from the Scottish or the Welsh goes unchecked, encouraged even, whilst any English person daring to say anything of an equivalent nature about the Scottish or the Welsh gets screamed and pointed at by the manipulative left.

Also going unchecked, and a major cause of the tension that is dividing the united United Kingdom, is social media.

Once upon a time news was consumed through the established media outlets. And, despite an inevitable slight bias, broadcast media is generally accountable for its actions and required to provide ‘balance’. Even newspapers have a body to answer to.

Providing ‘balance’ proves to be difficult when all journalists, editors and assistants doing the news gathering tend to be left of centre Guardian readers. Indeed, the Guardian is where the BBC places its adverts for new news people. Despite this, there is generally a truthiness to what comes out of broadcast media.

However, and here’s the problem, most people these days get their news from Facebook. They get it from strange unchecked agenda-driven click-bait sites that either pay Facebook to plonk their articles on random timelines, or are forwarded to them by people with a similar groupthink. The consumers of this form of biased ‘news’ are happy to accept it without question as it helps with their need for confirmation bias. That’s articles that only agree with their existing preconceived ideas or inclinations, devoid of ‘balance’ or truth.

These articles appearing through social media are not only usually factually incorrect, they are deliberately written in an adversarial fashion, inciting the reader towards hatred, fear, and the need for action against whoever is being written about. The drip drip drip feed of this type of ‘information’, especially when it is not fact checked, builds up the desired levels of hatred and mistrust as part of the larger plan to leave the reader mistrusting authority and constantly looking for conspiracy theories. They are looking for somebody to fight. They are hyped and pumped up ready for a war.

The left are extremely good at propagating this kind of war-mongering hate speech. And so we find ourselves with a population being fed and driven via social media into lynch mob mentality, hounding anybody who dares to be different to their ‘party line’. They will bully and threaten death and rape via Twitter. They will throw out labels – the left love labels – labels like ‘racist’ or ‘nazi’, etc., etc., all done in an attempt to silence free thought and encourage division and mistrust. And war.

Because of them, we are ready for and need a war. A big war.