What’s with the always updating?

updatingWho remembers, say, 5 or 6 years ago?  Who remembers when apps were first available on our phones or tablets?

Who remembers when only once a month, at the very most, there’d be an exciting notification that an app was updating.  Indeed, I think in the early days there was no auto-update, so you’d have to manually nurse the new version of an app onto your phone. Exciting times.

Now it seems that every time I switch a device on, it spends an age downloading app updates.  Dozens of them. Every bleedin’ time I switch the device on. What’s going on?

Personally, I don’t use a load of apps, just ‘productivity’ stylee ones, but it must be awful for those who have downloaded the latest trend in games, pranks and fancy voice changers, etc., etc.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got mainstream apps that are updating twice a week or maybe even faster.  Why?

Is it that our knowledge, ability and technology is running at an ever increasing pace and so the modifications to apps are getting more frequent?  Or is it something far more sinister?