What’s in my juice?


So, I bought this juice combo from M&S.  It’s part of the ‘Spirits of Summer’ range, and it tells me (and you) that it is ‘Apple, Pineapple, Mango and Coconut Water’. Pleasant enough. Refreshing sounding and tasting.

But, when I look on the list of the actual ingredients, it’s a somewhat different story. Yes, there are apples. 5 have been pressed to get the, er, apple juice out. So, next you’d think there must be about the same number of pineapples.  No. It’s one tenth of a pineapple. So, really only a flavouring of pineapple.

Mangoes are small, but even smaller is a quarter of a mango. Compared to the apples, it’s again, just a taster. Yet it’s highlighted on the front as being important.

Then, what’s this? Half a lime? There’s no mention of lime on the front.  Why? If there’s lime inside, why no mention in the main list? Half a lime is quite strong tasting really, yet it gets no mention. “Don’t mention the lime.”  Is that because people have a perception of lime as being a bit tart, and so if lime was listed on the front it would colour perceptions into thinking the drink is a bit tart? That must be why the half a lime is left unmentioned.

And finally, there’s the coconut water.  It sounds like it’s a major component, equal to the apple juice. But no, we discover it’s just a ‘dash’.  What’s the point of putting it in?

This is a very mild occurrence of the ingredients being astray from the primary stated combination that draws you to the bottle. Check out all the others available from different supermarkets. Some are completely different to what they pretend to be, not just mildly different.