Why do we respond so easily?

So, I was watching an interesting video the other day. It was of a young lady sitting on a couch with a man off camera telling her to do things.

A mucky video you might surmise!

Well, the female subject of the video did get a little dirty, yes, under the instructions of the man behind the camera. Indeed, she was writhing around covering herself with molten chocolate and she was loving it.

Covering herself in chocolate was just one of the many tasks she undertook.

But not really. She thought she was a 6 year old rolling around in warm chocolate, but it was all in her mind.

The video was actually a recording of a session during which she was taken into a deep hypnotic state and then taken on a journey through different experiences, none of which were real. Entertaining, yes, but not actually happening. This included planting various post hypnotic suggestions that were to instantly happen if she heard the trigger word accompanied by a clicking of fingers. She even knew what some of the trigger words were, and whilst in a waking state was able to self administer. In this particular case, the trigger word ‘drink’ would make her believe she had just had a drink from a very tasty cocktail, which would instantly make her more tipsy. There she was letting herself get more and more drunk, but just in her own mind.

hypnomatHow the implanted post hypnotic trigger words worked was fascinating to me. She was ‘awake’ and normal and chatting and then just suddenly she would respond exactly as required to, on hearing a key trigger word.

Well, those were just some of the nuts and bolts of a young lady being hypnotised and played with. Er, as in, her mind being played with, in order to demonstrate different states of hypnosis, and how to loop suggestions and triggers back on themselves. Very instructive. I understood everything.

Except for one thing. Why?

The ‘Why?’ referring to my mystification over why we humans can be controlled in this relatively easy and simple way.

Obviously, the hypnotic state is not just the preserve of the person being asked to lay themselves down and relax and feel themselves going further and further into a warm cozy sleep state. A variation of it is exactly how religion works to control its victims. A religious belief, indeed, a religious experience is really just a suggested experience within a hypnotic state. A shared religious experience is a number of people in a group all reacting to the same ‘suggestion’.

And it seems that that ‘suggestion’ always comes from somebody who knows exactly how to manipulate others. They will be the charismatic priest, the politician, the trade unionist, the troublemaker, the cult leader, etc., etc. Pretty soon they have mobilised a whole load of ‘pawns’ ready to do their bidding. That bidding ranges from suicide bombings through to industrial or civil unrest and revolution. It can also be as simple as getting their victims to vote for them, buy their songs, or watch them at a concert.

However, being ‘hypnotised’ from birth to follow a particular ‘lie’ is the most common form of hypnotism. Part of the hypnotic suggestion planted into the child is to ensure that when the time comes they plant it into their own children and keep passing it down the line forever. And the various chants, incantations, rituals and prayers, along with the bombardment of ‘information’ from a big ‘book’ full of mumbo jumbo keep the victim automatically keeping him/herself ‘under’.

So, ‘Why’?

Why are humans so easily mind-controlled? Why are we made this way? What purpose does it have? Is there a bigger picture that none of us can see because we are hypnotised as a species not to?

I think we should be told.