Pizza Express Braille


So, there’s a new branch of the Pizza Express chain in Liverpool‘s Hope Street. They’ve done that modern bizarre trendy thing of taking the inside of an old building, gutting it, and knocking back to the actual bricks, painting them badly with a thin single coat of emulsion, and adding bits of painted scaffolding pole to hang lights from.  Bish bash bosh.  Job done.

They also do that thing of providing average fast food at an expensive price, like they do at any of their branches, but that’s not what I’m going on about.  I’m a multi-millionaire so the overpricing means nothing to me, and it keeps those students employed as waitresses earning their £6.20 an hour.

Anyway, my ears were dying from the awful sound of the recordings of PRS-busting sound-a-likes singing badly some well known hits over the speakers, when my eyes wandered across the room.

Braille. They’d decorated the room with huge visual only Braille. Look at the photo, it’s just above the tables. Braille.

OMG, is this insulting or what for blind people or what?  What designer or architect thinks Braille is something to make light of, to design things with?

I was getting angry by proxy. Then I realised. The building the Pizza Express was occupying.  It was part of a huge collection of buildings that were once the historic Liverpool Blind School.


Guess what the Braille says!