May the Fourth Be With You


It has to be said on this day, sorry. It’s the law.

I’m not really a Star Wars anorak, despite my lovely partner in life having equipped me with no end of extremely comfortable Star Wars related t-shirts.  I wear them and people ask me questions that only a Star Wars anorak or nerd would know how to properly answer.  I stare back at them as if I’m mad.

I even explained to one persistent knobhead that I had no real interest in Star Wars, but that my lovely partner in life had bought me the t-shirts.  He scuttled away as if I had broken some kind of nerd-code.

Yes, I got round to seeing the film when it came out earlier this year, I even went all Imax and 3D over it, but what a load of old tripe, hanging on to the original films and paying lip service to the actors that could just about shuffle around on screen with their Zimmer frames CGI’d out, and getting in the way of the exciting new actors.

bb8However, I did rather like BB8.

Ok, in so many ways he was just living on the coat-tails of R2D2, but he had one major difference.  He was a round ball with a head that stayed on and up (mainly) whilst the ball of his, er, body would spin in order for him to run, er, roll to wherever he was going.

So, his head had no physical connection to his body.  Nah, it wouldn’t be possible.  Doesn’t make logical sense. Silly idea.

Or so I thought.

It was on my birthday that my lovely partner in life, unable to find any further Star Wars t-shirts, provided me with an actual BB8.  An actual BB8.  Yeah, man!  Well, ok, it’s scaled down compared to the film one.

Indeed, MY BB8 has no physical connection between his head and his body, but his head stays in place by magnetism.  Magnetism.  Of course!  Why didn’t I think of that?

Ok, compared to the film BB8, MY BB8 does spend a lot of time losing his head, and needing intervention by a human for reattachment surgery.  MY BB8 has a mortal enemy that didn’t seem to be portrayed in the film storyline.  My cat.

My cat can instantly decapitate MY BB8 and take away his head to a safe place for a bit of chewing.  The sight of BB8‘s head hanging out of the mouth of a kitty cat is scary, and really should have been incorporated, scaled up, in the film.

Well, anyway, not long to go. The next Star Wars film is nearly ready. Meanwhile, May The Fourth Be With You, nanu nanu.