Why are left wingers so racist?

Time and time again we see exposed the bizarre racist behaviour and hatred from those on the left. At the moment the target is ‘the Jews’, or, as they call them ‘the Zionists’. It’s the same thing, just a way of disguising their anti-Semitism by swapping the word ‘Jew’ for ‘Zionist’.

I’m confused by this because traditionally, well, or so we are told by the shouty left, it is those on the right who are the ‘racists’.

Well, finally, it seems that the left have been exposed. It’s they who are the racists. How damn confusing.


And how did we figure this out? Well, they couldn’t help themselves. So cock-sure were they after electing their man Corbyn into power as the god of Labour, they all exposed themselves one after the other. The target of their racism was as usual, Jewish people. They hate them. They hate ‘them’ because of what ‘they’ are doing to Palestine. Or more importantly, Palestinians.

Heck, it’s not ‘Jews’ that are corralling and keeping walls around Palestine, stealing their land and taking pot shots at children. It’s the Israeli Government.

I mean, I openly state that I completely disagree with the policy of forcing Palestinians, especially in Gaza, to live in a constant state of fear and terror. I am completely at a loss as to why Israel sees fit to do this. But, it is the State of Israel’s Government that behaves this way. Not ALL Israelis. Not ALL Jews.

The left in the UK hate Jews rather than hating (or disapproving of) the actions of the Israeli Government, members of whom openly speak about how they want to bomb Gaza back into the Middle Ages. That’s a bit like the left hating everybody who lives in Yorkshire because Yorkshire is where the Yorkshire Ripper came from. Yeah, stupid innit.

The left, especially the ones who use recreational drugs regularly, also love to push the myth that ‘the Jews’ control and own everything. (I thought it was the lizards. No? They out of the picture nowadays?) Yep, anything unbalanced or seemingly unfair it’s ‘the Jews’ say the left.

Indeed, the left is obsessed with race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc., etc., etc. They are never content with people just being people first. Instead they fret until they are able to tick boxes and catalogue people by their race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc., etc., etc. What is that all about?

The left love quotas and to treat people differently in order to fulfill them. They are never interested in who might be best for a job based on their abilities. Instead, it’s the colour of their skin or their gender that is most important. Why?

It’s also very bizarre that the left always want to shut down free debate by bullying. They will use ‘political correctness’ to silence people. They will march and disrupt any legitimate demonstration from the right or the middle ground. Where possible they will infiltrate and discredit any group not agreeing with their position.

It’s good that the evilness of the left is slowly being revealed to the general population who are distancing themselves from these haters. Long may the distancing continue.