The Earth Day delusion

c77fc-ceflagTwo things happened on consecutive days in April.

The second thing passed most folk in England by without notice. April 23rd was our national day, St George’s Day.

Now, what happens to anybody trying to celebrate England’s national day is that they get shouted down by foreigners or white middle class do-gooders with either a) choruses of how the English are xenophobic and racist, or b) how St George wasn’t English (as if that somehow matters).

There is now so much fear instilled into English people that year by year St George’s Day goes off with less and less of a whimper.

That’s quite sad really, when you consider that almost every other country on the entire planet has and celebrates its national day. Indeed, most have their national day as a public holiday.  But not so the English.  We are sneeringly told to shut up.  In England there is far more celebration of Ireland’s national day, St Patrick’s Day, than there is of England’s national day. Bizarre.

planet9The day before St George’s Day was Earth Day. Earth Day was invented in 1970 by some guy who took a load of drugs and fell in love with ‘the environment’ and had the delusional idea that humanity was hurting it.  Ha ha ha ha.  What a dick. This is a common belief and part of the paranoia that surrounds extensive recreational drug use.

A few years after inventing Earth Day he went on to kill his girlfriend and keep her in a suitcase in his closet.  Yeah, that’s the origin of Earth Day. From the mind of a delusional murderer.  And yet we are forced to ‘celebrate’ it every year.

The more that drugs get stronger, the more delusional those using them become.  There are one heck of a lot of very paranoid delusional people who now believe the planet is in some way unwell, and that the human species can in some way fix it.  And we have to celebrate this paranoia with pointless platitudes to our planet every damn year.

Meanwhile, we English are not allowed to celebrate our national day.