Time to welcome more Ahmadis?

It is a fact that most Muslim sects views are not compatible with the established way of life throughout most of Europe. They have different values when it comes to equality and diversity and are intolerant to those outside their strict beliefs.  Indeed, the more radical will want to hurt and change those who dare to be different. They will live amongst non-Muslims, but they will hate them with a passion.ahmadi

One Islamic sect, the Ahmadis, is different.  And is hated. And is persecuted.  More so than Christians or Jews or members of other religions or no religion. Ahmadi Muslims are killed at any opportunity by the jihadists.


Well, it’s because Ahmadis believe in peace over jihad.  They believe that to bring people to Islam they need to use friendship, discussion, respect and love, rather then fear and terror.

The jihadist Muslims see them as a cancer within their religion.

Rejecting jihad means that Ahmadi Muslims can live happily in non-Muslim countries, such as those that make up the United Kingdom, and can respect the other religions that exist alongside their own.

That’s why they will go out of their way to wish Christians a Happy Easter or Christmas.  That’s why Ahmadi Muslims collect money to help others or will work to help after local disasters.  They, for example, were happy to sell poppies for Armistice. They immerse themselves in the country they live in, respecting the majority culture whilst being able to continue living theirs.

This is how an inclusive multicultural society should exist.  Unfortunately, so many Muslims are isolationists and want to keep themselves outside of mainstream society.  Indeed, many are working to eradicate all but their own culture.

Sadly, non-Muslims, as in the majority of the British population, tend to tar all Muslims with the same brush. They assume they are all ‘haters’.

But the Ahmadi Muslims are not haters.

It’s time we publicly spoke of the difference and welcomed Ahmadis into the UK with open arms.  At the same time we should consider their enemies to be our enemies and we should expel or bar them from entering our country. That’s the way forward.