Time to shut down BBC local radio

Somebody suggested that the BBC could save a fortune by joining together Radio 5 Live and BBC local radio.

YES!  This is a damn good idea.

Generally speaking, BBC local radio is pointless. Nobody listens. So, why bother wasting all that money producing programming and burning all that electricity running transmitters that nobody is tuning to?

It's time to cull BBC local radioYes, combine Radio 5 Live and BBC local radio, kinda like the commercial sector combines programming. Actually, the commercial sector does it with a slightly different angle. Local programming is more an ‘opt out’ of the core service. So, that’s what Radio 5 Live needs to do with BBC local radio. All BBC local radio stations need to be replaced by Radio 5 Live.

Then, the pointless Radio 5 Live AM transmitters can be switched off, saving a fortune.  Nobody listens to AM any more anyway.

So, Radio 5 Live continues on FM, but with ‘local’ opt out breakfast shows, and maybe ‘local’ opt out drivetime shows, that previously existed on the local stations. Plus, of course, they opt out for local sporting events. Even locally biased news could be broadcast on the hour instead of a ‘national’ service. Opting out can be done by the minute rather than by the hour, which the commercial sector are pretty good at. They’ve perfected the art of making a radio station pretend it’s local whilst it is anything but. So that’s something the BBC could easily copy, saving a fortune.