Rock musicians are rapidly dying

The end of 2015 and the start of 2016 seemed a bad period for lovers of rock music and the ancient rock musicians they grew up with.

You see, it’s been happening slowly and regularly, but we have now reached the tipping point. It’s suddenly seemed to speed up. It hasn’t specifically, it’s more about perception. The problem is that a lot of the artists who brought the music to the masses, especially the 70s rock music, are now popping their clogs in close succession and this is being noticed by their fans.

5c222-cedeathWhat with individuals from their own families also snuffing it, it’s a traumatic time for rock music enthusiasts.

There’s something sad about life that nobody really warns you about. Or, if they do, we are all designed to not listen.

The fact is that for most of your life everybody is just there. The singers, the bands, the TV stars, the friends, the relations, all of ‘em, they are just, well, ‘there’. Your life chugs on, day in day out, month in month out, year in year out, decade in decade out. All your ‘familiars’ chug on with you too.

Then suddenly you get to that tipping point. All your ‘familiars’ start to drop away. They fall ill. They die. They are gone forever.

Those who were brought up on rock music are now of an age that those who produced that music and soundtracked their life for them are starting to spring off this mortal coil one after the other.

And if you are not used to everybody dying, this is a shock.

When the tipping point is reached, just as you are getting over the first death, the next one dies. Then the next one. And the next.

It gets faster and faster. There is no let up. Well, there is. It’s when they are all gone.

Sadly, for all those being affected by the demise of those who they felt so very safe with, it’s not going to get any easier. This is all there is at this end of their life story. It’s all there is at the end of all our life stories. Death is all you’ve got left now. Sorry.