Radio Caroline to be refloated

What exciting news I just heard; Radio Caroline is going to be refloated.  Well, more precisely, part three of Radio Caroline is going to be refloated.  Ok, let me start from the beginning.

When Radio Caroline first started back in 1964 it wasn’t long before another organisation was conned into giving up their call-sign and also becoming Radio Caroline.  Because two Radio Carolines operating in the same place seemed a bit daft even to the most devoted, one ship chugged its way round from the traditional haven of offshore radio piracy, the Southern North Sea, and beamed out its interference to shipping distress frequencies for the Isle of Man and the associated areas of Northern Britain and Ireland.

With near blanket coverage of distress frequency interference across the UK, Radio Caroline was now two stations.

These interference devices ceased in 1968 when the millionaires running them hadn’t bothered to pay for anything and so the two boats were taken away by people who were owed money a bit like what happened in a 2009 exciting true-to-life episode of ‘The Royal’ about Radio Neptune which was causing interference in Yorkshire.

In the 1970s, Radio Caroline number three came on the air.  This was not the same as the previous two, as, although it too caused considerable interference to not just shipping but also aircraft and the emergency services, causing the complete paralysing of the UK’s Fire, Police and Ambulance infrastructural, it cost nothing to run.  Instead of the millionaire owners paying for anything, they had learned from their previous mistake and had the listeners pay for everything.  These listeners were placed into a hypnotic trance and conned into parting with their cash, goods or services which kept the station on the air and able to keep interfering with ships navigation aids at sea causing them to crash into rocks and sink.

Radio Caroline temporarily off the air

Ironically, Radio Caroline started to interfere with its own navigation system and in 1980 it sank.  Ha ha ha ha. Serves it right!

The ship remained on the bottom of the ocean, no longer able to interfere with distress frequencies as the generator had stopped working.  Radio Caroline has remained there to this day.

True, there was a small and insignificant excursion with another ship using the name Radio Caroline, becoming the fourth Radio Caroline in the later 80s, but that too was soon silenced by the authorities who were just so fed up with all the damn interference.

Apparently people within 200 kilometres of the ship were unable to watch TV the deliberate interference was so bad, so the authorities went out to the ship and told it to shut the fuck up, which it did after a long torturous 30 minutes of counting down the worst records the DJs could find, until it was eventually gone forever.

Anyway, back to the real Radio Caroline.  It has remained on the North Sea bed for over 30 years, and in that time the sea has managed to preserve everything exactly as it was in 1980, apart from it all being a lot wetter.  It is still completely usable as an interference causing device once diesel is poured into the electrical generator.  Oh, and the ship needs to be refloated on the surface of the sea instead of at the bottom of the sea. Apart from that, everything is good to go.

Indeed, that’s exactly the plan!  The wealthy people behind Radio Caroline have decided to bring the ship back on the air in order to cause more interference.  This time their target is Sky TV.  Every true Radio Caroline fan knows that Sky TV is evil and so that is why they’ve been asked to donate towards the refloating costs to get Radio Caroline broadcasting again, and blotting out the TV reception of Sky across the entire UK and Ireland.  Those behind Radio Caroline know this is a bold and appropriate move, considering recent times.

We’ve heard that true Radio Caroline supporters have already been donating towards the project, and those that haven’t were not true believers and are traitors to Radio Caroline and are to be shunned.  They will not be allowed to listen to Radio Caroline when it returns.  Some of them will be rounded up and held in a common room with a TV on, very loudly playing music videos for the much younger staff who are there on minimum wage so don’t really want to look after these Radio Caroline supporters that have gone bad.

Radio Caroline will be refloated in time for next Easter/August 14/Easter/August 19/Easter/August something or other/Easter and will bring Sky TV down.  That’s the power of Radio Caroline.


  1. Nice piece chris, although you mention the 4th Radio Caroline from 1983 till 1989, you didn't mention she struggled on for another year after that. Nor did you mention the 5th version of Radio Caroline which was not causing any interference to anyone, because it was licenced and legal, and it's RF output reduced to 1 watt on AM with RSLs and on channel 0199 on Ruperts platform in space. Other than that your article was very entertaining.


  2. Dopn't worry Chris – The men in white coats will be arriving shortly with your medication.


  3. If you can't respect Caroline and have to write this kind of shite then you will find yourself coming to a very sticky end England. Get a life.


  4. What kind of dour, fun-free planet are you living on Mr Wolf? This is precisely the kind of reportage that offshore radio is crying out for.

    My personal worry is what has happened to the DA box. There were rumours that it was recovered from the wreckage previously but I don't know if that was true. I sincerely hope that this new operation won't result in it falling into the wrong hands.


  5. “Concerned Anorak” you are being pulled into CE's web of deceit and lies from which you will not escape until you become a puppet for him to manipulate just as he has turned Peter Moore into his yesman. Dont say I didnt warn you.


  6. When I first became Jack Wolf (for a few months on Garry's board) it was so clearly based on Wolfman Jack, a no brainer for normal people . Sadly not one anorak commented on this play on words, and another tit has even decided to copy this name in recent months, how sad is that?

    Chris, you clearly touch a few nerves on your blog and good for you for doing so. Time these age old anoraks who hide behind others (just how sad is that?) made up names get a bit of a life.


  7. Chris …. you finally made me laugh out aloud! I was feeling a bit down and you cheered me up. Oh and by the way, I do actually like Radio Caroline and listen often BUT its always good to NOT take ourselves too seriously. Cheers!


  8. In fact the story above does contain some truth.

    Discovery Channel has commissioned a programme to investigate the Mi Amigo sinking; crews are currently preparing the search vessel at the Oceanoography centre in Southampton;a mini-sub ('Discovery Quest') will be sent down late August to film the ship.

    So, whilst it's not being raised there is activity surrounding the old girl. Who knows, maybe it'll spur someone into raising the hull at a later date?


  9. Chris, you really need to see a shrink to find out why your brain is so messed up and you are full of hatred towards radio caroline. What will you say next, that the Ronan behind the Radio Caroline on satellite and the internet is not the real ronan as he went down with the mi amigo? You need some L.A and let go of the D.A


  10. between you me and the gatepost there was a mildly amusing spate of interference to radio medway (NNC Kent as was) for couple of days in the 80s, probablt a Tuesday. not sure if was down to Mike Watts oversleeping – again- or cloth ears the other engineering being over zealous with the treble settings. anyway now is a great time to do this again – have you heard Radio England aka the Mark Forrest show? start there maybe.


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