The Polar Bear that was never there

A lot of people create pictures from Photoshop, compiling from different images they have, and they allow their glorious and quite striking results to be downloaded at a small price from places like iStockphoto.

Take these two (click through either if you want to see/buy the originals).  One is of a solitary Emperor penguin, the other of a lone, apparently stranded, polar bear.  Except of course, neither is actually real, but are excellently overlayed onto the same piece of floating ice.

Now, that in itself wouldn’t matter if the photos were just used to capture the calm and beauty of the imagined moment, and they’d look pretty moody on one of the walls in one of the rooms in my house.

However, where things go very wrong is when those from the Global Warming religion use them to illustrate supposedly scientific articles about the Climate.  The followers of this religion like to try to hit our heart-strings with irrational statements rather than scientific facts.  They will do anything to make us ‘believe’.  So, the idea of all the polar ice melting and drowning the poor polar bears is one that brings tears to our eyes just as when Bambi’s mother got shot.

The story goes that some polar bears are sitting on the last remaining piece of melting ice, and when it’s gone they’ll drown.  See, tears have come to your eyes already, haven’t they?

Well, dry your eyes, because it’s not true!  The polar bear you see in this picture isn’t about to drown.  In fact, they’ve actually got far more ice than they ever had before to stroll around on, and indeed their numbers appear to be multiplying like rabbits, er, like polar bears, and not dwindling as the Global Warming alarmists want us to believe.

Science is supposed to be about collating the data and examining them to arrive at a conclusion that maybe supports a hypothesis.  Science is never closed, never settled, always re-examining and re-checking.  Well, unless it’s the pseudo-science of Global Warming, of course.

So, it was very sad to see the pretend image of the polar bear (not the penguin, maybe people don’t love penguins as much as polar bears or something) printed in Science magazine as being a factual pictorial account of, well, a polar bear hours away from drowning.  Science shouldn’t be about anything but actual facts, so why use a pretend photo?

It’s been a bad month for those behind the hype of Global Warming, with Charles Monnet, the wildlife biologist who wrote a paper about the drowning polar bears that galvanised the Global Warming religion, being put on ‘administrative leave’ and facing accusations of ‘scientific misconduct’.  Nothing has specifically been announced, but the speculation and the money is on something being, erm, ‘wrong’ with his report that all the polar bears were drowning.  Really?  That does surprise me!

Then there was the revelation that recent key documents supposedly researched for the UN’s IPCC’s next assessment outlining scientific realities of climate change, were actually written by an activist from the global communism-desiring political lobbying organisation Greenpeace.  No neutrality there then, let alone the application of any actual scientific principles. Can’t guess how that paper is going to be slanted, can you?

Next, the results published from NASA from its satellites monitoring our planet show that a far greater amount of heat is leaving our atmosphere than the Global Warming alarmists originally said would be possible.  By now, according to their ‘models’ we should be sitting in a Turkish Bath of trapped heat making the temperatures soar and the world end, or something like that.  This hasn’t happened and isn’t happening.  Whoops.

Indeed, as time moves on and the dire predictions don’t come true, one has to wonder why the Global Warming alarmism still captures the imagination of parts of society.  But then, one has to wonder about why any religion has such a hold over people.  They just love to ‘believe’ in something regardless of how mad it actually is.

And for the rest, it’s an excellent tool in their continuing need and desire to control and subjugate humanity.