S’not fair we are out

So, we are out. Do you know why we are out? It’s because of the racists and xenophobes. Yeah, them.

It’s so very wrong that we are out.

inoutThere are millions across the UK that agree with me. Ok, not all of the UK agrees, especially the Welsh, but that doesn’t matter. What I say matters. We are out when we shouldn’t be. How dare this have happened when I wanted in.

I’m going to stamp my feet. I demand that the result be changed.

I’m going to hold my breath until I turn blue. I’ve started a petition demanding that the result be completely changed. I mean, how dare these racists and xenophobic morons do that to us? They can’t be allowed to get away with it!

It was obviously a grave mistake. It needs to be reversed.

At the very least the whole thing should be run again, yeah, that’s what we want. Maybe the best of three.

I am seething with rage at those bastards. Seething. Incandescent. How could this have happened?  The result has to be changed!

I’m throwing a big tantrum ‘cos it’s so not fair:

Iceland knocked England out of the European Championships.

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