What about March 20th?

Why all the religious fuss about December 25th?  I mean, it was an ancient pagan festival that the Christians later ‘stole’ and converted into a celebration of the birth of their dead master.

But why are they silent on March 20th?

OK, we all know that if there actually was a Jesus (and there’s limited evidence that there was) then he wasn’t born on, er, Christmas Day.  Or, in other words, ‘Christmas’ day was a completely different day.

But let’s pretend that December 25th was when Jesus Christ was born.  This would mean that ‘god’ had sex with Mary on the previous March 20th.  Was it ‘god’ that fucked her?  Or was it some angel acting on behalf of ‘god’? ‘St Michael’ jesusfuckingchristor similar? Well, ‘St Michael’ was the name he had on his underpants, apparently.

Anyway.  So, March 20th was immaculate conception day.  I mean, that was when the deed was done, wasn’t it?  And, since an, ahem, ‘immaculate conception’ is a, well, ‘miracle’, whilst pushing the product of said ‘immaculate conception’ out through the vagina is a fairly basic human reproductive function, the ‘immaculate conception’ is what should be celebrated!

And why isn’t it?

I’m not talking about the ‘Annunciation’, which is when Mary was told god had had sex with her five days previously, but the day god actually dunnit.

Hey Christians. Forget December 25th.  Celebrate March 20th.