What the truckers saw

The last 10 kilometres or so on the run up to Calais is terrible. Frightening even.  Here is a typical day videoed by one Hungarian driver from a motorway in France.

All these gdrivers want to do is just transport their cargo to their British destination, yet this is what they have to suffer day in day out.

It heats up after about 5 minutes and watch for the driver he passes who is being pulled out of his cab by these ‘migrants’.  Not to mention that our own driver suffers missiles being thrown at him, and his mirrors being broken.  And then there’s the ‘migrants’ who are on his roof.

Such is the attraction of getting into the UK and a free house, money and handouts, and a life of luxury for nothing in return, etc., etc.  So, you can see why these ‘migrants’ want to get here, but do we really want people here who behave in such a dangerous and intimidating way to drivers just doing their job?