Why are humans so easy to hypnotise and manipulate?

Most conspiracy theories seem to be enjoyed and believed by drug users. With the extensive and regular taking of their recreational drugs, the side effects are the allowing of it to stimulate paranoia and the dis-inhibiting of the logical thinking process.

A similar effect on the individual mind’s ability to rationalise and make sense of reality can be reached by being hypnotised from birth by parents.  Parents do this, forcing their kids to believe in a religion, or even in, shock horror, Father Christmas.

For some lucky reason most kids get to work out that they were lied to by their parents at a time when they should have been helping them make sense of life. Then they reject the Father Christmas story.

Yet they are terrorised by their parents’ and their schools and everything around them providing a reinforcement activity that tells them terrible things, awful things, will happen if they do anything but unconditionally believe the religion stories.  This even if they are allowed to stop believing in the Father Christmas one.

Likewise when introduced to a strong and warped political belief that defies the convention and logic of real life and human nature, if the continual and relentless reinforcement is targeted correctly, they will believe without question and to their own death, the terms of that political belief, even if those terms actually make no logical sense whatsoever. This is the amazing power of hypnotism.

Why are humans so damn easy to hypnotise?

Why are humans so damn easy to manipulate through hypnotism?

On the lighter side of hypnotism we have the stage shows within which people are temporarily made to do odd things or react in funny (to the observer) ways. This can be hilarious, but it is a changing of the person’s rationale that we are laughing at. The power of suggestion.

In the hands of masters of mysteriousness like Derren Brown this can lead to quite spectacular reactions and excellent entertainment for those of us observing. However, in the hands of those behind organisations like Daesh, it can be horrendously lethal. For all of us.

You see, people ask how is it so easy to ‘radicalise’ people such that they will toddle off and blow themselves up in crowded places inflicting death and injury?

But they’ve not been ‘radicalised’. They’ve been hypnotised.

And we all know how damn easy it is to hypnotise somebody. Yet, media and those providing tut tut tutting soundbites go on about the process of ‘radicalising’ as if it’s complex. Indeed, any religion which has strict and repetitive rituals in place is in reality just using the repetitive rituals to re-hypnotise those already under the influence. That’s why most Muslims pray so many times a day. Indeed, it was the Jews who were first told to pray three times a day in order to self re-hypnotise, then the Christians did a similar number. Islam, being Desert Children’s religion 3.0 (Jews being 1.0, Christians 2.0), upped the self-hypnosis sessions to five times a day. This number seems to completely ensure that those ‘infected’ and under the influence of Islam remain in a constant and very suggestible hypnotic state ready to do the bidding of those in control.

The already hypnotised are then so easy to give additional hypnotic suggestions to. Suggestions like go off and kill as many people as you can. This probably wouldn’t work on a simple stage show!

So, we need to not be so concerned about how to ‘de-radicalise’ as how to ‘de-hypnotise’. And, we are not very likely going to get any help from those already hypnotised to serve under the faith in the first place. I mean, have you ever heard of a hypnotised subject being able to de-hypnotise another subject? That’s why it’s pointless trying to appeal to the ordinary followers of Islam to intervene and stop the radicalisation. They have no idea how to. They have no idea that any of them are actually hypnotised.

So, the de-hypnotising has to come from outside. It has to come from those who are not hypnotised. Islam (version 3.0 of the Desert Children religions) has a patch written into it in order to try to block this. Outsiders are not to be trusted. Indeed, killing them or taking them as slaves is more on the agenda. Certainly ‘listening’ to them is not on the cards. Outsiders are not to be trusted ever. Clever patch, eh?

Somehow we need to accept that following a religion is just a scientifically comprehensible self-reinforcing hypnotic state, a bit like any OCD, or any mental illness and we need to treat it accordingly instead of shrouding it in mystery.

With the right words, it should be as easy as clicking fingers and saying, “You’re back in the room”.