Missile over California

So the US Navy wanted to fire a test missile. Just a dummy missile. The accent is on the word ‘test’.  Above the sea off the Californian coast.

As is proper in these cases, before they launched this test missile, the US Military contacted local law enforcement, and all the proper authorities and air traffic controllers were also pre-informed.

When local media asked about it, the US Navy just said, “Yeah, we’re doing tests and fired a test missile, as we announced we might.” The local law enforcement said similar when asked. As did the local administration.

And, of course, it made a good news story with various amatuer videos of the event appearing on social media.

The issue of perspective and having nothing to compare it with, meant that most actually viewing it as it happened couldn’t work out how far away it was, how big it was, or indeed what it was.

By its very nature it initially appeared as a bright blue light, and then it appeared to spread and defocus into a larger blue haze with a tail. But, of course, this looked like quite radical and spectacular changes to the untrained eyes.

And it looked mysterious and cool and spooky and UFOish on video.

Once people started questioning what it was, the fairly immediate answer of it simply being a test missile was unacceptable to these untrained unexpert locals. They wanted a far more exciting explanation.

Via social media they speculated that the US Navy was involved in a cover-up. It definitely wasn’t a test missile. They knew better.

And despite reassurances that it really really was definitely nothing more than a test missile being launched at sea, the conspiracy theorists were having none of the official explanation.

Why is it that people’s heads are ruled by a complete inability to accept the simple truth? Is it because almost every plot on every film or tv series is filled with conspiracy theories that challenge reality, or the perceived reality of the official explanation?

Is it because people’s brains are so mashed up with drugs and alcohol and the associated paranoia that they have no idea how to accept that the simplest explanation is almost always the correct one?

Or is it because there has been a concerted and controlled campaign to discredit authority and make people not trust or believe anything they are told? You know, divide the population by taking away from them anything that might cause stability and represent structure. Make them confused and pliable and incapable of being able to work out the truth and so ready to support the anti-establishment new world order that might be engineering a revolution, maybe?


  1. Or is it because our governments lie to us on a daily basis, covering up the most appalling abuses and scandals.? Or is it because our mainstream media, including the BBC collude in this? Or is it because the military, (which WE pay for), hide everything behind a catch all of “National Security” ?

    Trust in authority has to be earned, and once lost, as it is being, it is almost impossible to regain it,

    Yes Chris its so much easier just to assume that everyone who doesn’t believe everything that they are told is an idiot.


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