Gun threats on a busy Manchester tram

Well, kudos to the lone pair of police officers that dealt with a mob of yobs on a busy tram at Manchester’s Victoria station.

A gang of Pakistani heritage teenagers were acting in an intimidating way, being very rude and sexually suggestive towards young white women and girls.

One of the gang had a gun.  He waved the gun about a lot and at other times kept in partially hidden but showed off that he had it.  As you can imagine this was terrifying for those who feared for their lives and had no idea that it was actually a toy air-gun.

The police managed to halt the tram after an extremely panicked woman had fled the carriage and alerted them. They went on board and confronted the gang who immediately started laughing at them and being disrespectful.

Somehow the two lone police officers managed to get the whole mob off the tram, despite being abused and subject to phone cameras being thrust in their face whilst insults in Pashto were being shouted in their ears.

Identifying the one who was carrying the gun now hidden tucked into his trousers next to his spine, they were able to isolate him from the rest of the jeering gang and to search him.  Obviously they found the weapon and removed it. You can see the officer on the right holding it in his hand as the officer on the left takes details of the gentleman. You can’t see the rest of the gang leaning against railings only about 5 metres away still on their phones talking excitedly and noisily.

Obviously, it wasn’t a real gun and so the whole process was a little subdued. It was just a regular Saturday incident in Manchester. And of course, the gunman will never be prosecuted.