Rare moon event not to be missed

Yeah, you must pass this ‘meme’ on.  It’s the Facebork equivalent of the chain letters we all used to get before t’internet.  You get a load of bullshit wrapped up in a nudge to pass it on.

What’s a ‘meme’? Well, it’s an idea, a behaviour, or a style that spreads from person to person within a group. It doesn’t have to be and usually isn’t true in any way.

It used to be that you’d die if you didn’t pass it on, and win the lottery if you did.  As in, you had to pass ‘it’ on to five people within x hours or terrible things would happen.

These days most people apart from those that have been hit by an extremely large stupid stick, realise that the passing on of a such a ‘threatening’ meme is just stroking the ego of its creator.  And this is why the memes have become slightly more sinister. Or believable. There are so many of them.

Stoners and druggies happily pass round pro-cannabis propaganda which says it cures all known illnesses.  Of course such memes never point to any actual sources for the claims, never identify where the medical ‘research’ was carried out, and, with the usual paranoia that’s associated with druggies, warns that ‘they’ are trying to stop cannabis being used in this way.  ‘They’ being, well, ‘the establishment’ which as stoners will tell you is run by a race of lizards.


Quite often memes containing a clip of a person being executed in one country will be packaged as a person being killed in another. An event from the past will be repackaged as happening now. The re-packaging is dependant on which organisation, race, religion, culture or country others want the recipients of the meme to fear or hate.

Personally, whilst the funny memes are welcome, I find the others really annoying.  And I always feel sorry for those who just believe them.