The anti-Joe van

Somebody with too much time on their hands keeps driving this van around Liverpool.  I’ve seen it in trendy Hope Street, and captured it as I drove past it in the becoming-trendy Anfield Village.  It was outside Liverpool Football Club.

The tactic seems to be that the driver parks up provocatively in a place where he’s likely to get lots of people reading his placards until the police or whoever wave him on.

His van says, “Major Joe must go” which is a very catchy strapline.

It also declares, “We are sick of Liverpool Council Corruption. We want answers from Mayor Anderson”.

To use a couple of sentences to describe who or what Joe Anderson is to those outside of Liverpool I will explain: Liverpool has two Mayors.  We have the traditional Lord Mayor, an office which shuttles around the councillors as it does in many a fine council across our land. Then we have Joe Anderson.  We were never offered a vote on whether or not we wanted an ‘elected’ mayor for Liverpool.  We were just told we were going to get one.  Half a dozen people bothered to vote and, since the only party you can vote for without your house catching fire is Labour, the mayor that was imposed upon us was Joe Anderson, the local leader of the Labour Party.

I’m not too sure of the ‘corruption’ that is levelled against Anderson.  Anywhere else in the country you’d expect a van like this to be organised by someone from the ‘right’ in politics, such as UKIP or the Tories.  But, this is Liverpool.  In Liverpool for many of the usually extreme stoner 1970s trade union loving socialists, the Labour party are an extreme right wing party compared to what they’d like to impose upon the population.  So, it could be the van is being sponsored by one of those scary organisations.

Or maybe it’s somebody who didn’t get a contract to do something.  Who knows!  But about six months ago the van kept driving up and down outside Joe Anderson’s family home.  Now, that’s a little bit scary.  And, come to think of it, very stoner socialist.

Strange place Liverpool, innit.