Make Britain unattractive to illegal migrants

Thousands of men live in rough camps in Calais. They are waiting to illegally get into Britain.  They hope to do this by breaking into lorries, hanging onto axles, running into the Eurotunnel, throwing bricks and beating up lorry drivers, smashing property and acting in an intimidating way in order to get across the English Channel and into this country.

So, the elephant in the room is the question ‘why?

You see, it may be true that many of these men have suffered in their country of origin, and it may be true that many fear for their lives, and it may be true that had they not fled their country of origin they would have been tortured and killed, and it may be true that they want peace and an opportunity to settle somewhere and to build a new and responsible life.

But why Britain?

This is something the politically correct do-gooders won’t allow us to ask without shouting us normal folk down.  But the elephant in the room needs to be addressed.

Why Britain?  

It seems to me that Britain must have something that other countries haven’t.

I mean, these ‘migrants’ have had to pass through a number of very stable European countries in order to get to Calais in France.  Any one of those countries could have been a place to take refuge, seek asylum and start a new life.  Yet they hide, duck, dive and illegally move from one safe and peaceful country to the next until they reach the Calais bottleneck and hang around waiting to force their way into our country.

Why aren’t they just settling in France?

There is something about Britain that makes it far more attractive than anywhere else.  What is it?

Well, surely it can only be one of two options.

Option One is that a ‘migrant’ successfully getting into Britain illegally can make his way to others from his community of origin, some of whom are not here illegally, yet are able to hide the ‘illegals’ in plain sight.  Cash in hand jobs, criminal activities, taking on another’s legal identity, and many other options make for a happier life than on offer in France or any other of the countries they refused to declare themselves in on route.

Option Two is that we as a country are a soft touch when it comes to handing over free houses, free healthcare, free food, free furniture, free regular money hand-outs, and a decent lifestyle in return for doing nothing.  Do we provide so much more for nothing compared to all the other countries the ‘migrants’ crossed in order to get here?

See, there can be no other reason for wanting to get to Britain rather than just getting to the nearest safe country away from the country you are running from and settling there.

So, how do we fix this?

If it is that we offer so much free stuff and support compared to the other countries, then we need to stop that.  There should no more incentive to illegally come to Britain than to illegally come to France. Or Spain. Or Germany. Or Holland. Or … etc.

Pretty obviously any country offering a much cushier life than neighbouring countries will be worth heading for as a preference.  It’s simple. If we were not so attractive then they wouldn’t want to get here.

The trouble is the air is full of noise and distraction from the do-gooders who don’t want us to actually address the elephant in the room about why the illegal migrants are dangerously swarming to get here, so we don’t dare talk about it.

But once we’ve addressed and neutralised this ‘attractiveness’ they will just go away.