What would Heathens Do?

When Christianity was being forced onto whole villages and communities, usually under threat of death for those who did not comply, the Bible bashers found it very hard to reach and, ahem, ‘convert’ those who lived on the heath.  Typically the ‘heathens’ just kept themselves to themselves, and lived and hunted and were self-sufficient on the heath.

And that’s all a ‘heathen’ was, just somebody who lived on the heath.  A bit like how a ‘villager’ is somebody who lives in a village.

Because the invading Christian ‘army’ was unable to ‘convert’ those who lived on the heath, they started to demonize them, and to make the newly infected Christians fear or hate them. Heathens were outside of Christianity, and over time the word ‘heathen’ no longer referred to heath dwellers, but to all designated evil people who were to be treated like lepers and rejected or feared because they hadn’t been infected by Christianity.

Today the word ‘heathen’ is used by Christians as some form of insult to ‘outsiders’.  It is a bad word. Some sects of Christianity equate ‘heathens’ with ‘Satanists’, that’s how twisted they are.

But what are ‘heathens’ really like?

There’s an exciting website coming, and I think it’s going to show Heathens for who they really are, and it’ll show how much nicer than Christians they are.  Christians are always asking, “What would Jesus Do?” whenever they face the slightest trauma (like accidentally dropping a piece of paper they didn’t mean to drop), but “What would Heathens Do?”

Find out very soon, here.