Why do we allow these wasters to live?

So, after a few days of very large floaters, I decided to get advice.  Not the toilet floaters that you have to beat down with a large stick. The floaters that get in the way of trying to look at things.  They float into vision and after a few hours or a day or so they’ve gone back to being on the periphery of what one can see.

In truth floaters are bits of stuff inside the eye, and are perfectly normal.  Eeeee, sometimes they are tiny bits of previously blood carrying capillaries that have broken off and are floating around.  Eeeeeeee!

Anyway, I suddenly had this really large collection of them, like I’d never had ever before, alarmingly making my right eye hard to see out of without a huge thick dark floater being in the way.

I left it a few days thinking it would get better but it didn’t.  So, I then took myself into the walk-in St Paul’s Eye Unit which is housed in Liverpool’s main hospital.

Now, I had to wait a bit as I had walked in without any appointment, and was triaged as not as urgent as the man with a screwdriver stuck in his eye or other patients in considerable distress or pain.  This is perfectly fine and how it should be.

Eventually I went through various examinations and processes that included numbing my eye and actually ‘gluing’ lenses to the front of it and all the shining of bright lights deep inside.  Eeeeee!

The verdict was that there was no long term damage or issues with my retina, and it was most likely just one of those things that would clear up in time.  It did.

Ok, so that’s why I was there.

I got there about 5:30pm and was there until around 10pm-ish.  The eye unit is a self-contained section right next to the Accident and Emergency department.  During a major disaster the eye unit closes down temporarily and the area is used as a part of the A&E, and so under normal operation it is separated by only a thin partition and some locked doors.

I noticed that at around 6pm the hospital seemed to be entering ‘night mode’.  Obviously a lot of staff went off duty, and the eye unit main door was switched to exit only to keep undesirables from coming in.

Sure enough it was time for the drunks and druggies to start coming in to A&E to demand help for the damage they had done to themselves as a result of their excesses.  Their menacingly loud rants and shouting of abuse cut chillingly through the partition and into the otherwise silent waiting room of the eye unit. On a few occasions they sounded like they were kicking and punching the partition wall whilst screaming in anger when their demands were not being met.  Those of us sitting patiently waiting looked anxiously at each other and somebody said, “Thank the lord they can’t get in here”.

Literally for our own safety we were cocooned away from the crazies.

No such luck for any ‘normals’ and genuine patients in the A&E.  They’d have to be sitting alongside the volatile drunk/druggies.  Not the best thing to have to endure when in pain or distress, and for the meek and mild it is not only extremely intimidating, but probably beyond scary.

And why should the nursing staff and doctors have to put up with these pointless people?  They have plenty of genuinely ill and hurt people to try to fix.  Why should they have to deal with abuse and intimidation from the junkies?

Not only are these wasters filling up our hospitals, but they usually get wasted using money from property they’ve stolen from us or from the benefits we’ve paid out to them.  They never work. They never put anything back into society. All they do is take from us.

Not enough of these wasters are dying.  Years ago loads of them would die which helped the problem go away naturally, by keeping the numbers down.  Why aren’t they dying any more?  They keep being fixed-up by the NHS and not allowed to die.

And consequently, there they are at 6pm on a Thursday evening taking up space in the room next to me, and sounding very frightening.  Why should I or anybody else have to suffer them when my mind is pretty worried about the big floaty things making my right eye useless?

Isn’t it about time we went back to just letting these people die as quickly as possible?  They have no purpose in this life, in this world, in our lives, in existence.

We refuse to live alongside rats and cockroaches, doing what we can to eradicate them.  We should do the same with these wasters.

Oh, and by the way, when I went to the Gents’ loo in the main foyer of the hospital on my way out, I stood at a urinal next to a ‘gentleman’ who was openly smoking a spliff filled the strongest skunk I’ve smelt for a long time. Why is this allowed?