Liverpool bullies and their racist attacks

I spotted these flyposts on a wall of a building in Lime Street, Liverpool.  At first they were a complete mystery. Who or what was ‘N G’?

The general rambling nature of the words didn’t make any sense and at first just seemed like the usual crack-heads and long term mentally disturbed from excessive and continuous drug use had somehow gotten hold of a printing press through which to spread their usual nonsensical rants.

Then I discovered that the ‘N G’ was in fact ‘Ng’, the surname of Jackson Ng, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for the ‘Liverpool Riverside’ constituency.

Jackson Ng is a lawyer, a community activist, and an advisor in Parliament, with strong ties to the North West. He also happens to have a Chinese heritage.

For the local political bullies and activists behind Labour and ‘Socialist’ activism (like setting fire to any newsagents stocking The Sun newspaper), Jackson Ng is a ‘foreigner’, and ‘Scousers’ hate foreigners. Mainly they hate ‘them Muslims’, but they also hate anybody not Caucasian and directly from an immigrant Irish Catholic background like themselves.

Hence why they felt the need to put their racist beliefs into print and glue them to this wall.

Naturally of course, there was no outrage. No coverage in the local left-leaning press.  Nothing.

This is how Scouse bullies are able to get away with telling others how to think and what to do, as they do.

Jackson Ng doesn’t have a hope in hell of being elected in Liverpool.  All parts of Liverpool are extremely strongly Labour.  Most have no idea why they are voting for the bunches of millionaire socialists to run the country, usually because their brains are stuck in the 1960s and 1970s when the Labour party actually represented the common ‘working man’ rather than millionaire socialists.  Those days have long gone of course, but Scousers are not too quick at updating their beliefs. Hence why the racist posters went unchallenged.

I mean, Scousers can’t see it, of course, but the millionaire socialists running the Labour Party are getting lots of endorsement from millionaire comedians and millionaire actors.  Not so many public figures from the working classes seem to be publicly supporting Labour!

Anyway, back to the flyposts. Racist terminology and accusations of connections to the drug trade abound. Yet no outcry. Nothing.

Such is the Scouse way.