Erasing history is like playing GTA for the Islamic State

I am not an anorak of ‘history’, and it has to be said that there are those who love and live it.  All that archaeology malarky is not for me.  Ok, I accept we can learn so much from it. But, I don’t want to be doing all that digging, just understand the conclusions, the summaries, the synopsis.

However, I would never want the old artefacts destroyed.  Ever.  It does seem extremely sad to deliberately destroy all the relics and the only existing evidence of what went before this ‘common era’.

Hence why I was quite saddened watching the morons from the self-appointed IS/ISIL/ISIS caliphate taking bulldozers to the somewhat awesome and majestic remains of peoples and civilisations extremely long gone and mainly forgotten.

Apparently this destruction was because a lot of the artefacts were ‘false idols’.  And ‘false idols’ must be destroyed. Heck, not that anybody wanting to ‘idolise’ any of them would be allowed to survive any stoning, beheading or throwing off a building that they would instantly be given for even daring to have a thought that strayed outside of the extremely bizarre interpretation of Islam that the ISIL death cult has.

The problem with the bully boys who make up this death cult caliphate is that their previous experience of ‘life’ is spending most of their time on their own playing Grand Theft Auto.  Grand Theft Auto (GTA) allows the player to just pick on passers by and beat them until they die in graphic detail.

Interestingly, the stopping and killing of random strangers in GTA adds no points or advantage/disadvantage to the process of winning or losing the game.  It is very important to realise this.  A GTA player stops and kills people complete with graphic blood and gore … just … for … fun.  They are completely desensitised to the moral issue of it being a cold blooded unprovoked murder. Over and over again GTA players will brutally murder for the thrill of it.  They can select old, young, male, female victims.  Whatever takes their fancy. They do it because they can.

Alone in their world there is nobody to say that what they doing is morally wrong.

When the lust to brutally murder strangers gets so strong that GTA is no longer giving them the high they need, that’s when they are ready to trot out to the caliphate and to do it for real.

Not only do they wander around finding real people to murder, but also they thoroughly enjoy videoing themselves or each other doing it.  Replaying the recording of the killing is as fun as watching the killings on GTA.  The fine line between fantasy and reality is completely blurred in the immature minds of these easily led and immoral boys.

And why are they so immoral in the first place?  Well, it’s partly the fact that they are infected by the mind-altering Islamic religion virus, and partly because their parents never bothered to teach them right from wrong.   This bad parenting is typical of parents also suffering from a religion virus.

This is why bad parents should be sanctioned and prosecuted for their contribution to the development of murderous cruel children.  They are accessories to the murders.

Instead, they pretend that they didn’t know that they’d grown a monster, and that it must be somebody else’s fault. Or. They see nothing wrong in their son going to a foreign land and finding men, women and children to torture and kill.  That’ll be the religion virus altering the ‘moral compass’ in their brains as well in their son’s brain.

The religion virus removes morality from the human beings infected with it. And that’s why brutally and mercilessly murdering strangers just for fun seems perfectly acceptable to those who do it, initially on GTA and then in real life.

And being spoilt selfish immature little boys, alongside the killing spree, they see nothing wrong with the wanton destruction of artefacts and historically rare relics of civilisations long gone. It, too, is fun.

I wonder if the civilisations that will replace the backward one they are building will treat any relics of theirs with the same disrespect.