Fat Bastards walking

I like walking I do.

And in recent times the TV channel TLC ran a two part series called ‘My Fat Story‘ during which the otherwise perfect and never controversial Katie Hopkins put on a load of weight and then took it all off again.

The point she was making, and the phrase she kept using, was that we need to ‘move more’.  And of course, to ‘eat less’.

What was particularly interesting to me was that she organised a ‘Fat Club’ within the show, so she was working alongside ordinary folk who were fat.  All she asked them to do was to ‘move more’.  They did, using Fitbits to measure their ‘moving’ and targeting 10,000 steps a day.  They lost weight.

Now, albeit that this is anecdotal, I know two sisters.  One of them used to go everywhere by public transport, and have to walk up and down quite steep hills to get to work. Then they started using their car to get to and from work.  The other sister used to go everywhere by car, but then started to commute using public transport, and so had to walk everywhere.

Guess what. The sister who started using the car slowly gained weight over the years. The sister that stopped using the car lost weight.

This seems to me to be evidence that simply ‘moving more’ is the answer, and so everything that Hopkins was trying to say in the TV show was completely right.

Sadly, there are fat fascists out there who treat being fat as if it is like being the member of a different ‘race’.  They get very upset if you don’t use politically correct terms, and have a long list of excuses for being fat bastards.  Yet, the only reason they are fat is because they eat too much and move too little.

And guess what.  A major study has just come out and agreed with the Katie Hopkins proposition.

I’m a fat bastard if I don’t move more, and I’ve always liked walking, but have never really monitored it properly.  The Fitbit is a fun way to record how many steps you’ve taken.

So, if you are also a fat bastard and really want to lose weight, buy yourself a Fitbit, hook it up to the app on your phone, and make sure you move 10,000 steps a day.  I guarantee you’ll lose weight.