It’s time to forget about Andy

Why is the oxygen of publicity still given to ex-druggie Andy Choudary’s anti-Western, anti-British, anti-the-country-he-lives-in-and sponges-off hate speech?

He must be a classic example of the deranged people operating within a society they were born into, yet hating it.  He’s happy to take thousands of Pounds in welfare benefits from us, yet he hates us.

Heck, he didn’t mind us so much during his ‘party animal’ and University drop-out days back in the 1980s. It was around this time that his experimenting with drugs and alcohol probably burned his brain out.

Most radicals, those who wish harm on so many, and want to organise death and destruction upon anybody who disagrees with their way, the only way, are mentally ill.  Excessive use of drugs have been linked to deranging minds, making the users paranoid and unpredictable in their sudden mad outbursts. I mean, anybody watching The Jeremy Kyle Show will see the common theme of what druggies are like.

Maybe as a reaction to the permanent mental damage Andy underwent back in the 1980s, he then became the radical nutter he now is, dropping the ‘Andy’ name in favour of ‘Anjem’.  Or maybe he did that as a reaction to feeling guilty about his partying causing him to fail University and disappoint his family.

Whatever the route cause, Choudary was turned into one of those sad haters.

Today, in 2015, we are just five years away from 2020, the year he predicted that the Islamic flag would be flying above Number 10 Downing Street and Sharia Law would control the UK.  True, there are large parts of the UK within which Sharia Law is operated already, but the country as a whole retains its long standing logical and fair legal system, and long may it continue.

Whoops, Choudary, realising that 2020 is a bit too close for comfort, has now just revised the year of the complete Islamification of Britain to 2050!

But, back to my original point. Why are the haters like Choudary given so much, disproportionate even, air time, especially by the BBC?  Why are the broadcasters all but ‘legitimising’ his hatred by putting it on telly, and allowing him to use the publicity they give him to help him reach out to get more young Muslims to train as terrorists?

Having been shown up for what he really is, it is time to just ignore him. Or to get him some medical aid for his mental damage.