Military Gulls

So.  Starlings, pigeons, and small gulls and huge massive giant gulls. That’s what greets you beside the seaside beside the sea, on the North-West coast.

They all like bits of bread and other stuff being thrown at them in order for them to scoff away at it.

Yet, when you watch them all you notice something.  The starlings quite often get up close and personal, taking breadcrumbs from your hand.  The pigeons, apart from poohing everywhere all the time, are not as intelligent as the starlings.

However, one group of birds, the gulls, have military precision in what they do.

They will, for a very short time at least, work together like a team.  Well, not so much a team, more a division of the SAS or another crack hot team of soldiers.

Even whilst they wait taking stock, they stand in formation, as pictured, waiting and watching. Ready to pounce.

Who taught gulls to be this way and should we be scared?