Why do old radio anoraks see nothing wrong with rape?

A guy called Ray Teret just got convicted on seven counts of rape and eleven counts of indecent assault.

His victims were predominantly under the age of consent at the time. He has been correctly described as a sexual predator, and likened to Jimmy Savile.

Under normal circumstances, condemnation of a serial rapist would be universal.

Not even the delay of decades before bringing the perpetrator to court would matter or be questioned.  Once found guilty, the rapist would be shunned for his deeds, and for most people, beyond redemption.

However, there are a bunch of elderly gentlemen who don’t feel this disgust. Radio Anoraks.

Ray Teret’s appeal to them, which somehow lessens or negates the terrible things he subjected his victims to, is that he once worked on Radio Caroline.

To some radio anoraks, anybody who worked on offshore radio is immune from ever doing any wrong.  They can do no wrong. Working on offshore radio gives them the right to do what they want, so think the anoraks.

In the run up to the trial, various fora, especially the ‘private’ invite-only ones, were buzzing with the scribblings of offshore radio anoraks giving Teret their support unreservedly. They were collectively very suspicious of the victims who had come forward. They couldn’t accept that they were actually vicitms, and suggested they were just attention seekers going after Teret for no reason.

Before his conviction, when Teret was innocent until proven guilty, in the eyes of the radio anoraks he was beyond reproach and it was his victims who were guilty.  Guilty of something, anything, and badly wronging an ex-offshore radio DJ. Didn’t they know Teret was a nice guy they (the anoraks) met once and obviously wouldn’t hurt a fly? How dare they suggest otherwise.

And so on.

Even after his conviction the radio anoraks still couldn’t accept that Teret had actually done anything seriously wrong.  To them it was just how things were in those good old days of the 60s and 70s, so why were these women making such a fuss?

Sadly, the mentality of these radio anoraks is such that they effectively endorse rape and sexual predatory as some kind of norm and acceptable behaviour. I think they are disgusting.

In others posts they of course roll out phrases like “but none of us were there so we can’t know what really happened” or they’ll point to and emphasise the one or two counts that were not proven, as if in some way that negates the entire trial.

The more drug addled and dementia suffering among the anoraks brought out the concept that Teret was simply a sacrificial lamb thrown out in order to hide the real child abuse that was going on ‘higher up the food chain’, as if that somehow made him innocent.

And laugh out loud ridiculous was a comment that the BBC was reporting the story because it was their way of getting back at Radio Caroline and giving it a good kicking for spoiling their fun back in the 1960s.

The more time goes on, the more the evidence stacks up against the radio anoraks.  Apart from their unacceptance that anybody who once worked on Radio Caroline could in any way ever do anything wrong, except the heinous crime of going and working for the BBC, they appear to see absolutely nothing wrong with rape, blaming the act on the victim.

We should all fear for the safety of their families and their neighbours.