Israel’s collective punishment of innocents

I kind of ‘get’ the idea of a bunch of soldiers shooting at another bunch of soldiers.  Albeit that they are really just slave machines doing the bidding of their masters, none of whom, conveniently, are actually there alongside the soldiers, they are trained for combat. In some countries it is compulsory to spend a few years being a soldier, in others it can be voluntary, or a career choice.

The point I’m making is that when an army faces an army, and people die or get maimed, then, kinda, that’s part of their job. Death is their trade.

But when ordinary non-combatant people get killed it never seems right. All too much of late we have innocent ordinary people trying to go about their business, but facing attacks from bombs and snipers.  For many years these were bombs left in place and triggered remotely.  Then somebody invented the suicide bomber.  Suicide bombers are those ordinary people that are hypnotised by their masters, none of whom, yet again, are actually there alongside them, to be a human bomb.  This guarantees maximum casualties.  It guarantees that children, babies, and other innocents are wiped out.

A Jewish toddler is taught how to launch missiles into Gaza.
A Jewish toddler is taught how to launch missiles into Gaza.

Not that any warfare is ‘acceptable’, but this seems particularly cruel and unacceptable. Yet, it is the current way for many parts of the world, especially when it comes to the Middle East.

When they haven’t got explosives to strap to their chests, they can be programmed to use guns or knives to just attack until they are physically stopped, usually by their own death.

This happened recently in Israel, when two hypnotised Palestinian men went into a synagogue and brutally murdered worshippers adhering to the requirements of the Jewish faith.

To me this bizarre and cruel act is only overshadowed by the response.

The response from the Prime Minister of Israel is to order that the homes of the relatives of the murderers be demolished.

Bizarre and cruel.

I mean, if you were an old lady living in your home of many years with your family, and your grandson went off the rails and murdered somebody, would it be fair to throw you out on the street and pull your house down? Of course it wouldn’t.

Luckily in the UK we have grown-up and don’t hand out playground style collective punishment for those living in the same house or same street as murderers.

But this is not the Jewish way.

Sadly, the Jewish way is to cause maximum death and destruction in retribution for the crimes of the individual.  They believe in killing and hurting any goyim (the word Jews use to describe non-Jews and cattle) innocents in retaliation for the crimes of other goyim.  We’ve seen this collective punishment with their treatment of the people of Gaza, whom they don’t consider to be part of the human race.  They will happily kill and maim, blowing up complete areas of homes, in order to ‘blow them back to the stone age’ (an official policy), snuffing out 3,000 lives at a time, especially those of babies and children, and maiming the tens of thousands of others they don’t manage to kill.

Surely dishing out collective punishment is childish and immature.  Having it as a country’s official policy is the height of immaturity and should deserve sanctions from the United Nations.  Except of course, everybody is far too busy apologising to Israel for who knows what, or thinks the sun shines out of Israel’s bottom.  And, of course, the collective punishment of innocents doesn’t do anything to stop the cycle of violence. It just increases it.  I mean, if you yourself had done nothing wrong, or your grandmother had done nothing wrong, and yet some superpower pulled her house down and put her out on the street, you’d get justifiably angry wouldn’t you?

The barbaric activity of collective punishment of innocents for the sins of others should be rubbed out, alongside forced female genital mutilation and non-consensual circumcision.  It won’t be, of course.  Israel has far too many cruel friends.

The saddest part is that Israel sees absolutely nothing wrong with punishing innocents for the sins of others.  Once that changes, peace will be within grasping range.