Stock up with candles

So, it’s finally happened. We’ve got the preliminary warnings from various Government sources now.

Britain is about to go dark.

We are unable to generate enough electricity to keep the lights on.

How has this happened you may ask, already half knowing the answer.  Well, of course, it’s happened because what has been affectionately been referred to as the ‘green blob’, which we know as the enviro-loonies, have carefully made sure that functioning power stations have been closed down or rendered inoperable financially. Add to that a couple of unforeseen things like fires in power stations (how did that just ‘happen’?), and we are now unable to produce enough electricity to keep the lights on across the UK.

As soon as it gets cold, and the prospects are for it to be bitterly cold, then we won’t have enough power to go round. This winter we will most likely find ourselves with rolling blackouts like those we experienced in the 1970s.

However, unlike the 1970s we have much more ‘stuff’ that requires power. Unlike the 1970s we will certainly notice the blackouts.  Even gas-fired central heating will stop working, since it requires electricity to work the pumps, and switches off when there is none.

True, some areas of the country, usually the more remote, have experienced power outages after storm and flood damage over the years, but for the vast majority of the population of the UK, rolling blackouts will be a completely new experience.  The ‘green blob’ will love it, since they love to see humanity suffer.  But ordinary people will find it quite frightening.

We live in interesting times.