Open racism in the Guardian?

The Guardian ‘newspaper’ in the UK seems to be the acceptable face of racism and stereotyping.

But why is it allowed to get away with it?

Writer Jess Zimmerman, using the ‘Comment Is free’ section of The Guardian online was left unchecked and unchallenged when she included the following phrases in her diatribe about the pointless new social network, Ello:

“You cannot block abusive people; Ello’s white male founders did not consider that a pre-rollout priority”


“Ello has a manifesto, because it was founded by beardy white guys so of course it does.”

So what exactly is her obsession with the race of the people behind Ello?

How is it in any way relevant to the social network?

When people write about Facebook, do they stop and mention that Mark Zuckerberg is ‘white’ or, for that matter, was brought up as ‘Jewish’?

And, let us imagine that a newspaper from the opposite side to the liberal name-calling left, profiled those behind a product, any product, as being ‘black male’ or ‘beardy black guys’.

Think then of the faux open outrage that places like the Guardian would deliberately kick-up because another paper dared profile the race of those behind said product.

To highlight the race and gender, and to make that highlight read as if it is sneeringly written is really unacceptable and cheap.

And yet, it is the way of baldy bad-haircut sporting white female contributors to the Guardian.