September 2014 never happened

So, can you remember September 2014?

You probably think you can, but those are planted memories.  September 2014 never actually existed.

However, humans love continuity, and they also don’t understand the complexities of timelines and how they really work.

September 2014 will probably be re-scheduled and run at some point in the future.  Or it may not. At the moment the variabilities are fluid.

Time is not a constant.  Humans think it is. You think it is.

(This is how timelines really work)

But, something completely catastrophic happened in the original September 2014. Hence why it had to be removed.  Indeed, you actually experienced a lot of September 2014 until such time as everything went horribly wrong. All of that had to be wiped from your memory and experience.

You know like how when you die in a computer game, you can make it drop back to a previously saved backup point, and instead of restarting from the very beginning, you can restart from the beginning of that level, or the point you last ‘saved’.

That happens in real life.  Quite often individuals or small groups of humans are taken back to a ‘saved’ point in order to ‘replay’ things correctly. This is why sometimes individuals suffer a ‘deja-vu’.  They quite literally have seen some things, or had the same experiences before.

And so it was that September 2014 was cancelled and we leapt from August 2014 to October 2014.  This was also the easiest way to plant the false memories that you have of September 2014, and restarting you back in your real life, the real timeline, on October 1, as has happened.

Knowing the truth, it would be stupid of me to bother to write any articles for September 2014 when September 2014 clearly didn’t happen.

Therefore, following the true path, the reality that is sometimes hard for humans to understand, the article before this one from October 1st is dated August 31st.  Such is the true nature of reality even though you are convinced September 2014 existed and refuse to accept that those memories you have of it are mainly false planted ones.

Don’t worry though, within a few months all memories you have of September 2014 will have faded.  By January 2015 you won’t remember a thing about September 2014 or even realise that you can’t remember a thing. You see if I’m right.