Wooden wheels or what?

We were driving along very very drunk.  We had been swigging from a couple of bottles of vodka since the whiskey had run out.  Yes, you guessed it, the vodka ran out too, right in the middle of a boring county called Lancashire.

P1000255Not that passing through Lancashire drives one to drink or anything, but being so drunk that one can’t remember anything certainly helps.

Conveniently, we discovered an off-licence in a little village of Hesketh Bank.  We screeched to a halt from our superb 70 miles per hour journey through the country lanes, and an excellent handbrake turn brought us to a final stop right by the side of the Bargain Booze.

Dying of thirst we stocked up on more vodka, and some cases of wine.

Before returning to the road we opened and passed around the vodka. As we were sitting there lubricating up for the rest of the journey, this strange vision arrived and gently pulled up next to us.  We think.  I mean, it might not have actually been there. It could have been something our drunken minds had invented.

Luckily one of us took some photos so it must have been real.  We think.

It was a fully working vintage car. Sadly I am unable to recall the exact model. A proper gentleman parked it right next to us.  He must have run out of vodka or some such tipple, and was in need of an ‘offy’.  Before going in to replenish his supply, he was met by the shop keepers and some other passers by, who had a look at his vehicle.  He kindly showed them the inside and allowed them to take selfies in front of it.

I can’t lie, I found myself forced to take a few of this beautiful machine.

On getting home I noticed that the wheels seemed to be made of wood.  That is wood isn’t it?  The spokes are wood. Aren’t they?  Or am I seeing things?  Did they really make car wheels out of wood?