Why do people put it up so high?

Once upon a time we were happy to have them with their own legs.  Then we had them on handy cabinets. But now we are hanging them on the wall.

In itself, the concept of hanging a TV on a wall in an otherwise clutter-free minimalist room is, I guess, fine.


Why are people hanging them up so high?

Are they mental?

I mean, right, previous to this wall-hanging fetish, when the TV sat on a purpose built cabinet (into which fitted the Sky receiver and DVD player, where do they go now?), it was straight ahead to look at.  In the same way that people sitting on chairs in the room are all directly ahead to look at, the TV was easy on the neck.

Instead, with the TV high up on the wall, the head has to be permanently bent back in order to watch it. Madness!  The neck is constantly getting a painful crick in it.  Yet people are happy to sit like this for hours and hours.

I’m not adverse to hanging a TV on the wall.  But, hey, hang it lower down!