Facing the death sentence for not believing

I face the death sentence for not believing the man-made Global Warmist propaganda.

The world reacted to the story of the Christian Sudanese woman sentenced to death for not being a Muslim. She’s been allowed to live for two years whilst she nurses her newborn baby, born in prison where she is being held. She faces 100 lashes for adultery, because the Christian marriage she had to an American man was annulled. Despite being brought up a Christian, she was born of a Muslim father who left when she was 6. Therefore, under Islam’s strange and scary rules, she is a Muslim guilty of apostasy. Apostasy is the act of no longer ‘believing’ in a religion. Apostasy in strongly Islamic areas of the world is dealt with by putting the apostate to death.

Islamic dogma allows for nothing to exist outside of Islam. So, even though some followers may grow-up and start thinking for themselves, and self-proclaim agnosticism or atheism, under the Islamic rules they must die. Hence why most free-thinkers living under the oppressive totalitarian religions keep their views quiet.

Dogmatic followers of Islam tend to have a very narrow view which never deviates from original teachings, despite evidence to the contrary.

Dogmatic followers of the man-made Global Warming religion also have a very narrow view which never deviates from original teachings despite evidence to the contrary. It is a faith based belief system which has no outside.

Over the years the highly funded man-made Global Warmists have called for harm and death to come to the free-thinkers or sceptics. This call for death is becoming louder.

It seems that the more the evidence of the extent of any man-made Global Warming seems to dissolve, the more aggressive they become. Just as deeply religious believers want to kill unbelievers, so too do the man-made Global Warmists. They are saying this quite openly now.

They build intimidating websites full of hate speech and cartoons depicting death of the unbelievers. Imagine the outcry if they were doing this about ethnic minorities or gay people.

Think of the outcry about the poor Sudanese Christian woman in prison and facing death for not believing in Islam.

Let’s hope this doesn’t actually start to happen to those sceptical about man-made Global Warming, despite the awful desires of the faithful.