And so Britain’s power cuts begin…

In the news you might notice something slip quietly out to the public, and be largely ignored by mainstream media. Without it being hyped up and questioned it will just become a reality, a part of your reality, if you live in the United Kingdom.

Apart from when storms have caused issues, especially in the remote areas of Britain, we haven’t really experienced power cuts and shortages since trade union activity starved the power generating stations of fuel 40 years ago.

There are now generations who have lived with constantly available and reliable electricity supplies. They know nothing of living without, or having to plan life around periods of electricity not being available.

Back in the 1970s there weren’t as many ‘things’ available in the average home that needed electricity. There were the lights, of course, and the TV. In the kitchen was the fridge, and for the uber-modern there were freezers. Generally, there weren’t microwave ovens, and although a lot of ‘cookers’ were electric, the majority ran on gas. This is a time before personal electronics, mobile communication, tablets, games consoles and even the humble PC, the internet, or all the other ‘things’ we take for granted.

The blackouts the trade unions forced the country to endure did hurt those relying on electric ‘bar fires’, but a lot of heat in those days before central heating was common, came from paraffin or portable calor gas heaters and so there were alternatives. How many people today have non-electric alternatives if needed? I mean, what might be available in the shops would be soon gone were a rush to buy non-electric heaters started this winter.

Today is very different. Even gas fired central heating won’t work when there’s no electricity to run the pumps. Blackouts in the modern era would paralyse most of us completely.

However, the latest rather worrying move from the anti-humanity folk has just commenced, because the blackouts are coming.

They are aware that we won’t just accept it quietly when the electricity supplies start to fail next year. In an effort to keep us supplied they are discussing with big businesses the idea of paying them to shut down and so save electricity.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Our Government is discussing with the big factories the concept of accepting a subsidy to close down a few days a week, during the freezing winter demands for fuel, in order that we will still receive as stable as possible supply to our homes.

So, imagine you have a factory that makes ‘widgets’. You operate your factory 24 hours a day making ‘widgets’, employing, let’s say a workforce of several thousand, and using machinery within the factory that consumes a lot of electricity. It might be that you can calculate that your running costs are such that, let’s say, you ‘make’ £10,000 a day from the whole process of your workforce using the electricity to run the machines that produce the ‘widgets’ and them then being sold.

So, to just shut the factory for a day would cost you £10,000. The idea is that the Government will pay you that £10,000 to just, well, shut down for the day.

This releases the supply of electricity you would have used that day, to be used by others.

This is crazy.

Apart from ignoring the fact that there will now be a shortage of ‘widgets’ which will drive the prices of ‘widgets’ up, this is a most bizarre way of dealing with the complete failure of our ability to generate electricity.

How on earth has this happened?

Well, of course, it’s all the green laws from those who hate humanity and want to see us depopulate and thrust back to the stone age. The ‘renewables’ like solar and wind power, just don’t work. Despite making huge profits for those who run them, they cannot handle the capacity and demands of consumers.

At the same time, perfectly reliable power stations have been given financial penalties disguised as ‘carbon’ taxes, or requirements to adhere to impossible to reach limits on carbon dioxide emissions. This has a sole purpose of making them impossible to operate, and so have no option but to be closed down.

Perfectly fine generating stations are being closed purely because of the economic sanctions, not being closed because they are actually inefficient or not capable of producing a strong and reliable supply of electricity. Meanwhile, generating systems that are actually inefficient and incapable of producing a strong and reliable supply of electricity, are being given economic assistance, free money, in order to operate.

Our stable and reliable electricity supply and national grid was once the envy of the world. Now, the Government is having to plan to pay to close thriving businesses down because there’s not enough electricity to go round.

This truly is complete madness.  Why aren’t we screaming out about it?