Radio Caroline North Report #3

Another summary of my observations and public pronouncements about Radio Caroline North. These are from Wednesday, 2nd April:

09:15:  Well, here we are at day 3 of Groundhog Day, after a day, night, and now day of the same hour long recordings of non-stop music from the Birkenhead Broadcasters claiming they are Radio Caroline North ‘from Liverpool’.

There is still nothing coming from the ship.  Heck, by now somebody could have at the very least gotten themselves a nice cheap 4G widget (we have blanket 4G coverage in Liverpool) and streamed to the transmitter location.  Or even set up a temporary studio at or near the transmitter site.  Or recorded shows on the ship and played them out at the transmitter site.

But, hey, what would I know about outside broadcasting?  It’s ok for me to sit here eating my microwaved Maggie May Scouse and proffering critique, I’m not the one facing whatever difficulties they are facing.

I note that Facebook carries links to sponsors and advertisers that were supposed to be aired on Radio Caroline North, but aren’t.  And, they’ve had lots of time to push their charity.  Yet, no time to offer any explanation why all that’s on air is the Groundhog Day audio files.

Meanwhile, the voting is still open for when the station will actually get to air at and I will report further when it stops being Groundhog Day.  Oh, Simply Red again? Fantastic.

13:21:  It’s lunchtime and nothing’s changed on Groundhog Day Radio Caroline North. Just sayin’ so’s you don’t think I’ve gone off and killed myself.