Radio Caroline North Report #4

Here we go with a summary of the fourth day of me sitting as an armchair critic of Radio Caroline North.  This is all that I told the world on Thursday, 3rd April, four earth days since Radio Caroline North should have come on the air with lovely programmes to celebrate 50 years since the start of British offshore radio:

08:03:  There was a bit of excitement in the Groundhog Day saga of Radio Caroline North last night.

OK, I mean behind the scenes of course, not as far as listeners are concerned. Listeners continue to be treated to the pre-recorded non-stop music put together by Birkenhead ex-pirate Steve West of Birkenhead ex-pirate station Radio Xanadu.  Yep, they still go round and round and round.  And round.

The hour long sequences were intended to be used on the air between midnight and 6am each day, so not to have had such wide and extensive daytime exposure.  Thus, those, including myself, who are somewhat critical of their content (or the fact I keep hearing them) are probably being a tad unfair on Mr West.  Considering he is a rock-head, he’s done quite well at seguing a whole range of music genres.

So, the website is now updated and has all the links to listen or watch online, so I won’t repeat them here.  Check their website. The webcam is a bit crap and ‘sticky’ and could possibly be running about six hours behind real time or just not updating at all!  Right now the studio picture shows the clock at just before half-Midnight. See what I mean?

Communication with anoraks started last night.  Using Facebork and various other fora, they apologised for the delay, promised their sponsors extra plays of their adverts, partially blamed Ofcom, said how John Dwyer had been taken ill but got better, and how exciting it was that everything was now definitely 100% working and full programming would start today.  Indeed, the website put a time of 6am today for the magic to start happening.


At 6am the Groundhog day tapes just merrily continued, just as they always have. Never ending. Going round and round.  Indeed, the recording that played between 6 and 7 was the one that included a whole batch of Tom Jones songs, including one being played twice.  So, double Groundhog Day there, and no ‘Dave Mason’ at 6am as per the published schedules.

Maybe the lovely Enda Caldwell (a proper radio presenter who should be on our proper Liverpool station Juice FM – heck it’s only just across the road from the Birkenheaders’ boat!) will appear at 9am (as per schedule).  Or maybe not. Exciting times!

09:05:  Radio Caroline North excitement alert!

Live programming started at 9am with John Dwyer calling himself ‘John’.  Sounding ok.

But …. segues?  Noooooo!

I’m going to have a good old listen and return with an honest critique tomorrow!