Radio Caroline North Report #2

So, this is from Tuesday, April Fool’s Day, and is a summary of what I witnessed and reported on day two of Radio Caroline North:

07:51:  Just an update. It never came on with the promised by opening show at 7am today. Instead, a computer burbled out random songs and occasional jingles. Then at about 7:40 ish it all went completely off the air, audio first, then transmitter.

Maybe the whole station is just part of an April Fool and the joke’s on us.

08:27:  It came back on, played songs, then somebody (not bothering with a namecheck) started speaking at about 8:10. Unlike the real Radio Caroline North, this guy is only speaking every three or four songs. Maybe he thinks he’s on a Borg station like Magic or Gold. Unlike the real Radio Caroline North, he crashes the vocals without even trying to hit them. And sometimes there are gaps between the songs.

Surely the original Radio Caroline North was all about the hype the DJs whipped up inbetween the songs. Not that the songs are as exciting as the real Radio Caroline North played. This lot are playing safe ploddy shite. It’s worse than listening to Merseyland Alternative Radio. Much much worse.

08:34:  So, a DJ has spoken a few times now, not bothered to tell us his name. Crashed vocals. And is just seguing really dreary slow shite. Not like the real Radio Caroline North that was bright and punchy and had DJs hyping it up inbetween each song, with each song being fun and fast moving, Northern Soulish stuff. This has got to be an April Fool, surely?

09:53:  To add to my previous report, the unidentified voice disappeared after about three links. He either scared himself into realising having a personality on the radio is harder than the theory, or he got pulled for being an arse.

Since then it’s been the non-stop music playout with jingles every 4th song or so. They’ve had that Pams set more famous for saying Radio London and Big L, resung as Radio Caroline North. Some include a shout “from Liverpool”.

Still, only 26 days left until these Birkenheaders faff back off to their side of the river and stop bringing MY city into disrepute. 🙂

12:37:  Dear god, how much more Simply Red do I have to listen to?  And still no actual disc jockeys.   Been around different parts of Liverpool and I’m sure the signal is not as patchy as it was. Maybe the Birkenheaders have turned the power up.  Might make more sense to get some programming on air?  But what would I have to laugh about?

13:34:  I’m guessing the automated playout is on from somewhere else. Songs get cut off after just a few bars for a clock started top of the hour jingle. Annoyingly, somebody keeps randomly putting the Caroline ‘ding ding’ bell id over the songs for no readily apparent reason, sometimes quite a few times. Bit mental. As with yesterday, nobody can bother to communicate to the world about what’s going on. So, yesterday was going to be the big launch. Then yesterday they were saying it would be 7am today. Now today they are saying nowt! And then there’s Simply Red. Again.

14:00:  Spotted two pieces written by the current owner of today’s actual Radio Caroline, Peter Moore, and put them here.

19:12:  Well I’m guessing not much else is going to happen today with Radio Caroline North.

Since the ‘dj’ abruptly stopped being a ‘dj’ some many many hours ago, and since then one hour segues have played over and over and over again, maybe they’re all down the pub. It’s been a warm and sunny day in Liverpool, and Birkenheaders are known for afternoon drinking when the sun comes out. Or is it when it’s cloudy and raining. Or cold or something. Anyway, where was I?

Each hour must be pre-recorded as an actual live hour. I’m thinking there are maybe four or five ‘hours’ shuffling around. So … when an hour starts that you’ve heard a million times before, you know exactly what songs and going to play after each other. And the ding dings and jingles. And … zzzz.

But that’s about it for day two of Radio Caroline North, other than to say that you can get a high quality stable stream from them at wherever you are on the planet. A whole 36 people have used some of the 1,000 available slots in order to nod their heads in time with Simply Red choons, so why not join them?