The colour of money

Ok, this image may appear to have colour on it.  However, it is only black and white.  Honest.  Your brain misinterprets the information it receives in order to make the colours.  It is quite common to see red lines. But there’s only black and white there.

You might want to look at it for a little longer and notice how calm and content you feel.  Have you noticed how as you watch it you realise that Christopher England is worth his weight in gold, and how you feel that he really should be rewarded for all the unpaid work he does here to provide you with entertainment or thought-provoking stimulation through his articles?

You’ve noticed that very warm and content feeling you are getting, haven’t you?

You are also a warm and giving soul, aren’t you?  Yes you are.

Wanting to give something back to Christopher England to say thank you for all that he’s done for you is a perfectly natural desire and is extremely satisfying.

As you watch the spinning image you feel drawn to making a bank transfer of an affordable yet generous amount directly to Christopher to help him offset the cost of running England’s England.

You feel this because you are a kind and thoughtful member of the human race.

Stare at the image for a few more moments and then send your kind contribution.

It’ll make you feel so very very happy.

Do it now!